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I've never tried any ghd products so I was really excited when this arrived on my door step a few weeks ago.  After checking out the website, I was surprised at just how many hair products online that they have to offer! My mum and sister both have ghd hair straighteners which they love, but I rarely straighten my hair so I'm a bit late on the bandwagon! I was kindly sent the style and protect gift set; featuring a sturdy paddle brush, two crocodile clips (not pictured), straight and smooth spray and a final shine spray. 

paddle brush:
I don't really brush my hair as disgusting as that sounds and if I do I just use a cheap primark hair brush but I've definitely loved trying out a more luxurious hair brush. It's super sturdy unlike primark ones which don't tend to last that long!

crocodile clips (not pictured):
These have actually come in pretty handy! I find it a bit annoying in the mornings when I'm applying foundation when it tries to stick to the wispy bits of hair at the front of my face, so it's been easier to pull back the sides with these two clips!

straight and smooth spray:
I haven't used this that much. As I mentioned above, I rarely straighten my hair but I'm definitely going to try to use this a little more as I'm intrigued if it actually keeps my hair 'straight and smooth' like it claims to! So I may do a review in the near future if I like it :-)

final shine spray:
Firstly, this has a really nice scent! Thumbs up! I've been using this when I wave my hair using the enrapture totem styler as a last minute spray before heading out the door. I find it stops my curls from fizzing and going wispy; keeping them smooth and indeed emphasising the shine!

For the price, I think this would make a fab Christmas gift for any lady who loves to indulge her hair in products. I would totally get one for my mum but she's not really into lotions and potions!

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