“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”


disney mermaid pocket tee - the pocket co (limited edition)

Clever old Albert Einstein quote right there. It's almost 7pm. I've been home since 2pm and I haven't stopped smiling since. Are you wondering why? Well... I have a boyfriend! :-) If you've been reading my blog over the past couple of weeks, I've mentioned 'Andrew' in a few weekly posts and well now it's official. Perfect. 

Hope everyone's having a lovely week? I have a two hour driving lesson tomorrow on country lanes (scary). I haven't driven for 4/5 weeks now due to life doing its worst and getting in the way, so I'm terrified I've forgotten how to drive. Is that even possible? My Nanna got her hospital results yesterday and it isn't good news but we are all trying to stay strong, positive and wait for further results next week.

song of the day.

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  1. yay! lovely news :) hope you and andrew are very happy together xxx

  2. this picture look beautiful, really


  3. Beautiful photograph, love your hair! Congratulations to you and Andrew, too! :-) xxx

  4. Anonymous22/11/12

    lovely you have a new boyfriend, congratulations!
    love that top, but went on the site to look for it and couldn't find it, sad times :( xxxx

    1. Thank you! It's limited edition, they only made a certain number x

  5. Gorgeous song :) and congratulations on the boyfriend!

    Rosie x

  6. This is fantastic news. Awh I'm so happy for you!
    Also I hope your Nanna is okay <3 I'll keep my fingers crossed for her next results. x


  7. Aww that's great news, so glad to see you all happy. Sending my love and best wishes to your Nana and family though xx

  8. I'm happy for you!

  9. I'm so happy for you, hope ye have a great relationship! Your gorgeous! I love your top! Xo


  10. Just found your blog dear. The first picture is adorable <3<3<3

    Hope you'll come to visit me :))
    Kisses, The Spotted Cherry Pie


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