t-shirt weather


hoodie: primark men's
denim jacket: levi
american apparel disco pants via asos (i bought new ones!)
vintage gold chain
air max 1's (white/bone)

001: These photos were shot on my new camera with a mixture of two lenses (the second picture is taken on my 50mm f/1.8 lens, how amazing is it though?! - however, it's a manual focus only lens so sometimes it's a little difficult to make sure the subject is super sharp, but I'm still playing around with it!). Thank you to my Uni friend Bardha for taking them! :-)

002: Yesterday I had such a long (but wicked) day! I popped into Brick Lane after Uni with Bardha to scout for guys to photograph for my Uni assignment. I will post more about it soon but I'm basically researching into current AW/12 trends for guys and then doing several portraiture photoshoots with several guys. I started the research by shooting some street style in Brick Lane, Camden and Covent Garden, which I will post soon, but they may end up being on my flickr before my blog!

003: Whilst in Camden, we stopped off for some chinese for lunch and headed to the lock to hang out. It was a really lovely spot in front of the barges. The barge directly in front of us had a guy inside who was singing his heart out! (not very good mind!)

P.S: How cool is my new tee?! Thank you to Orange Circle Co :-)! Buy yours here!
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  1. Love the tshirt! And the photos are fab, you can totally tell the difference between the lenses too - the 50mm lens looks amazing! xx

  2. I've got the same lense as you :)! Only annoying thing I find is that you have to stand so far from the subject! So jealous you had a chinese - I'd love some crispy duck right now. Love your top :)

    Robyn Mayday

  3. love the tshirt!

  4. love this outfit!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide :)

  5. ooh! Love the Aa shirt, so loud with the red lipstick on! Ohmygod, think i should borrow someone's 50 mm lense and play with it! The 2nd photo are good! x


  6. I have the american apparel version of this top and wear it to death :) just looked at your streetstyle on flickr and love it. Whats really weird is that one of the guys is the boyfriend of a girl who i worked with! xx

  7. love your style (: xx

  8. I love this tshirt, I want one like this! I love the 50mm lens, mine broke so I'm now debating to either pay for food or the 50mm haha!

  9. Love that tee!
    And I used to love doing London research for projects at university :) can't wait to see what you found!

    Rosie x

  10. Love the outfit babe, x

  11. Ah 50mm lenses are perfect - I have a manual focus one too but O can't wait to get an AF one for outfit shots. That t-shirt is fab - love the casual look xoxo

  12. Love this putfit!


  13. Can't believe the quality of your new camera, perfect! Love the hoody/denim jacket combo - perfect for with disco pants :-)

    Good luck with uni project, hope it's going well!

    Samwich Box

  14. Anonymous26/1/18

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