things i like #7


♥ live lip-dub proposal 
Basically, the most amazing wedding proposal, ever.

♥ artistic creation 
found on tumblr, original credit unknown

♥ 3D image - i thought this was rather cool! 
found on tumblr, original credit unknown

♥ kid dancing to madonna SPOOF! 
I couldn't stop laughing at this!

♥ favourite song at the moment! 
I found Toddla T in a newspaper that I picked up in Rokit, Brick Lane this week, so glad I did!

♥ hmmmm! 
found on tumblr, original credit unknown

other things i like this week:
1) leanne's floral dress - (her blog is here)
2) this image on tumblr made me realise i miss cute texts from a boy in the morning!
3) i find this really cute!
4) i'm going to make my mum carve our pumpkin like this for halloween.
5) i love this quote

songs i'm listening to:
you know you like it (aluna george), take it back (toddla t), germany (idles), elephant (tame impala)

Let me know below if you've found anything cool or inspiring this week and I may feature it next week!
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  1. That proposal video is awsome!

  2. just watched that proposal video, oh my god. how beautiful is that?! even had a little tear. xx


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