DUO fashion blogger's competition: entry!


I was e-mailed about the fab blogger competition that DUO are currently holding for fashion bloggers. It involves selecting a pair of boots (including ankle boots) or a pair of shoes from their range, putting together a look that you think works perfectly for A/W12. Then post it to your blog and submit your entry to the DUO blog. Full details here. Closes 22nd October.
As metallics are a key trend for A/W12, I chose this gorgeous metallic gold/black skirt that has just come into Topshop (shall definitely be checking it out!). It features a gorgeous pattern which I like because it's not too ~in your face, and can look subtle paired with tights. I knew straight away I wanted some kind of crop top and printed bomber jacket. Whilst browsing around ASOS, I came across this jacket which I adore. It's even been paired with a similar skirt on the product photos and I think they look gorgeous together. Sometimes, clashing patterns and colours really work well together, even though some people may look at them together in disgust! - I like them :-) I like this particular crop top too as the turtle neck isn't too 'high' meaning it wouldn't choke me and end up going in the bin after one wear!

I would also pair this look with my PEACE (Moschino inspired) belt from Urban Outfitters (i've featured it in many outfit posts, example here) and some kind of gold chain; either a thick choker style or a long one. I would also obviously wear tights as it's now chilly. I particularly like these ASOS zip detail tights as the gold zip detailing matches the skirt... perfect! I think the bloom shoes particularly work well as they're simple but have small detailing (the tassle). They match the skirt to a 'T!
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  1. Great entry! I've just done mine too :) especially like the skirt xo



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