Revlon ColourStay foundation


Revlon ColourStay Foundation - £12.49 Superdrug

I'm always for blogging about foundations. I'm as white as snow (reference to our current winter conditions!) and find it hard to find foundations to match my skin tone. It's near impossible  to find a foundation from every brand that suits pale skin tones, and I should imagine that goes for darker skin tones too. My favourite foundation by far is Maxfactor's weightless foundation which I have already reviewed.

After reading Leanne's from Thunder + Threads review (read it here!), I knew it was something I had to try. Me and Leanne have the same skin tone so I knew the colour match would be the same etc. It's around about £13 which is pricey for a 'drugstore' foundation, which did make me a little apprehensive. I bit the bullet however, and I've been using it on and off since before Christmas. The colour match is perfect for me. I'm not one of them people that is a different shade in Summer and Winter. I'm one shade all year round, which is perfect as I know all of the foundations in my collection will get used. As for the coverage, I would say it's a medium coverage and slightly buildable but can look rather cakey if not blended and powdered after use. Saying that, it's a satin finish which is great as it doesn't make you look too shiny. I prefer a completely matte base so always use powder to set my foundation but it's all down to personal preference! 

ColourStay comes in a wide range of shades and has different versions for different skin types. I generally have really good skin. It's never really dry and never oily. I rarely break out and if I do it's only if I change my skin care routine slightly. I went for the 'normal-dry' version just because I think that's what I'm most suited to. 
I apply it with Elf's powder brush which is the best brush in the bloody universe, use collection 2000's lasting perfection concealer and finally MAC's mineralized skin finish natural in light to set everything 

Overall, it is a really lovely foundation but I wouldn't purchase it again. The one thing that severely annoys me is the packaging. The foundation is in a 30ml glass bottle with no pump or squeeze application (?). The only way to get the product out is to pour it either onto your hand, finger or even the brush. Saying that, if they changed their packaging to something easier, I probably would re-purchase this.


  1. i've always been drawn to Revlon foundations in the shop & have come close to purchasing, but then I remember the ridiculous pour bottle and put it back down! have heard really good things about photoready too.

  2. Anonymous11/2/12

    I've been using this for a while now and i love it, mainly due to my extremely pale skin. But, like you said, one thing i don't like is how it can sometimes look 'cakey' and also the lack of pump. I'm still on the look out for my perfect foundation, perhaps going to try 'Maxfactor Xperience Weightless Foundation' which you reviewed. Do you prefer that to this foundation?

    rachelpan xo

    1. Definitely, Maxfactor's weightless is my all time fav!

  3. I love Revlon foundations! :D xxx

  4. I was originally going to buy this a while ago but the application or lack of (?) like with it having no pump etc, I decided to opt for the Revlon PhotoReady instead and it's honestly the best foundation I've used! Great post x

  5. Here in Spain make up brands only offer the darkest shades,so it's hard for me to find a foundation that doesn't look orange on me. Maybe I should search this foundation somewhere. Thanks for the review :)

  6. Ooh this looks good, I'm super pale too! :) xx

  7. So we both are really pale :) I need to try this foundation, I was holding it in my hands quite a while ago, but I never actually bought it, will do asap. xx

  8. This foundation is so good but the reason I didn't re-purchase is the same as yours, can't stand not having a pump! It got me through a bottle so quickly! Instead I bought the PhotoReady one and I would definitely recommend this, lasts ages and gives good coverage without looking unnatural when applied in a stippling motion :) xx

  9. I know what you mean about the pump, as i use Double Wear & it annoys me! But all i do now is place my finger over the top, turn the bottle upside down and then the amount left on my finger when i turn it upright is the perrrfect amount to cover my face! x x

  10. I really wanted to try this one! I know at least all people who use drugstore foundation have this one :) One day I hope I'll buy this!


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