Jeepers Creepers


shirt - new look
hoodie - h&m 
jean jacket - diesel
~disco pants - ebay (review here)
creepers - ebay £73.99 inc. p&p

Top left: I am not pregnant, it was the wind lol.

My babies are here! I finally caved in and bought them after much deliberation of not knowing whether to buy them, what colour to choose and whether to get my size or a size smaller. After chatting to my blogging best friend Vicky and fellow foot twin (private joke), I decided to go for the size 5. I am a size 6 normally, but a 5 in vans and doc martens. So glad I went for the 5 as they are still a bit big but with the laces tightened they're fine! I got them from an ebay seller that are a family run business and handmake every shoe. It's nice to know these were especially made for me :-) I REALLY recommend this ebay seller though! Their customer service is really good. I was going to get the hot pink ones but they don't sell them. After chatting to the lady behind the company, she said they could custom make some pink ones for me. How nice? I will probably get some pink ones for the summer!

Not the greatest outfit post as I've had a really lazy day and only got dressed to pop down the shops. My mum is ill so I had to buy dinner for tonight and some chocolate as I'm having the biggest craving at the moment. I will definitely photograph different ways I style creepers. My mum and sister hate them, my boyfriend isn't sure but he's already stated he hates them anyway. Definitely not everybody's 'cuppa tea but I absolutely love them. Ugly clothes and shoes are my biggest love. 


  1. ahh i love those creepers! x

  2. Love the creepers! Black will go with everything! Hope your mum feels better too. I've been craving chocolate loads too recently..naat good! xx

    1. Thank you (: hope she gets better soon too, can't bare to keep walking up the shops haha!

  3. You are sooo pretty sweet :) I know what you mean about Creepers too - Loads of people i know really dislike them but i think they're actually unusually cute and they look really good with your outfit xx

  4. lovee them! i have some more subtle creeper lookalikes but deffo want to get the real deal at some point!

  5. Lovely! Loving the disco pants too, I'm not sure whether to purchase or not!

  6. I love the shoes! Think i may just have too get them too, but i know what you mean my boyf isnt a fan either...boys are clearly idiots! btw mentioned you on my blog ;) xx

  7. Absolutely love them! I love creepers! I didn't like them at first, but they've certainly grown on me. I just ordered a pair last week - my mum loves them but my boyfriend is unsure ha x

  8. Yehhhhhh FOOT TWIN <3 xxx

  9. Lusssh. Gutted I missed the high street creeper boat - there were some beauts in top shop x

  10. Those creepers are so so nice!! x

  11. The wind eh? that's what they all say ;) I'm so torn on the idea of buying creepers. I absolutely love them (I love ugly shoes the way i love ugly dogs - pugs ftw!) but I can't think of any outfit I have that I would wear them with. I've seen people pull them off with amazing floral dresses but I think I'd just look like I had weird lego feet.
    I'm currently addicted to reading your blog. Absolutely love it! :)



  12. I used to think Creepers were a bit hmm...but I am starting to like them, I don't think I could work them but you do :)

    Love your lippie!

    New follower :)


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