New Project: Studio based fashion advertisement


Who needs a stylist when you can do it all yourself? Providing you love fashion of course! I have my outfit sorted for the photoshoot I am doing soon. It's a studio project, however I will be working on location with an outdoor lighting kit. I'm pretty excited for my model as she's really gorgeous and not someone who I have used in my work before. On the plus side, we went to school together so I don't have to worry about meeting a 50 year old fat man who wants to eat me.

The clothes and dreamcatcher necklace are kindly being provided by Pop Couture. The shoes are from ebay and obviously ~inspired JC Litas. The shoot has to advertise something so I'm making the shoes the main focus. You may remember me tweeting about what pair to get a few days ago. When I put together this collage, I was stuck between these three pairs but have decided I'm now going for the red. The silver are gorgeous but a bit random and the black won't stand out against the skirt.

Super excited about the shoot now! Going to be blogging about it all tomorrow and sharing my references etc!


  1. The red shoes are gorgeous, good luck with your shoot :)

  2. Eeep al 3 pairs are gorgeous! And the velvet vest too. So in love with velvet at the mo. Good have and have funnn :) x

  3. Have fun with your shoot! Love the shoes xx

  4. Sounds really good! looking forward to seeing the photos! Good luck! xx

  5. Love those shoes! Can't wait to see the pics

    Charlotte Couture Blog

  6. Oooh, all of those are so lovely! I love that skirt and those shoes! I bet both paired together would be awesome!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  7. Lovely outfit.. I adore the inspired JC Litas


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