My Week in photos 05.02.12 - 11.02.12


epic film fest · creepers · nicest yoghurt ever · more snow! · setting up for a test shoot · college work · thursday's outfit · pink dip dye! (review will be up in the week!)

This week has been pretty long and tiring and I'm glad it's over and half term is beginning. I am having a photography exhibition with the rest of my college class on 22nd February so we've all literally been running around trying to organise everything. Fortunately, I have my prints and I have ordered foam board to present my work so that's one less thing to worry about. If anybody's interested in coming, let me know! There's going to be food + alcohol and all that jazz.

I dip-dyed my ombre on Thursday, partly as I was curious and partly because I was bored. I absolutely love it. It's only a wash-in, wash-out application but I really recommend it, so I will write a review at some point in the week! 

I have been talking non-stop to a new friend who I've surprisingly become quite close to? We actually work together but have never really spoken until the first time a week ago! If you read my blog post about why I'm socially awkward then you'd understand that making friends is such a big thing for me! So hello to Iddy if you're reading (: You are amazing. 

I am so unbelievely busy for the upcoming week. Marketing for my exhibition, photoshoots, a family party on Saturday and of course... LONDON FASHION WEEK! Next week's 'MWIP' post will be a hefty one!


  1. Anonymous12/2/12

    I love your pink dip-dyed hair, can't wait for your review of it!

    rachelpan xo

  2. I love creepers! Your pink dip dye looks cool as well.
    Claudia xxx

  3. love your creepers! and the hair looks amaze :)

  4. Anonymous12/2/12

    Matilda and jumanji <3 best movies ever!

  5. loving the pink dip-dye - it looks absolutely epic! I wanted to do mine like that over the summer but keep some of the blonde I've already got in, only thing is I worry it might make me look a bit like neopolitain ice cream (which I love, juuust not enough to wear it on my head :')

  6. matilda.YES! I was actually going to ombre my hair yesterday but bottled out for like the billionth time :'( xx

  7. Cute post, I like your phone case and love the tartan :)
      Madison's Assortment

  8. Matilda is STILL one of my favourite films of all time! Your hair looks fab, I really want to try a dip dye but I'm too attached to my all-over red! x


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