Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend


03.11.2009 - 11.02.2012
You were such a huge part of my life.
I will never forget you.

You was my first true love and my best friend. We have laughed so much, cried together, had silly arguments about absolutely nothing and fought. I never wanted it to be like this. I wanted us to last forever. Two years, one week and one day was not enough. I hope you have made the right decision and will not live with regrets. I hope you're happier without me and life gives you everything you have ever wanted. I love you, just like Carl loved Ellie*.

(*Pixar Up mention - the film we watched the night we met).


  1. :( Oh honey, here if you need to talk at any time xo

  2. This made me cry :(
    I hope it all gets better x

  3. Sad to hear that Ashleigh, I hope you're ok.

    I know it doesn't feel like it now but you'll be fine, believe me.

    I got dumped by text on Valentine's Day a few years ago and it felt like the end of the world - but I was laughing about it with work colleagues today!

  4. aww, so sorry hun :(

  5. awhh hunny you're only young. you have a whole life ahead of you to meet new people, see new places, have fun experiences.

    you'll be hurting now, but in time you will look back and either smile fondly or curse yourself silly like i did.

    i promise you'll meet someone who you will love more than ever and he'll love you back just the same. this guy wasn't for you. and you have plenty of time to settle down with someone. these are the years for you to enjoy life!

    my experience?
    when i was at uni i was with a guy for 4 years, we'd constantly break up, get back together, argue etc. everyone apart from us could see we weren't meant to be together, but each time we broke up i was convinced i'd never find anyone else (even though he was horrible to me most of the time). 2 years of being single, i met my current boyfriend who is lovely, caring, honest and appreciates me like i deserve. we've never had an argument in the 10 months we've been together. i realized i needed that time alone to build my confidence and find a life that wasn't all about a man and enjoy my own company - and from that i'm now with a guy who is grown up and appreciates me for being myself.

    you'll be fine xxxx

  6. sorry to hear that... but my boyfriend broke up with me recently too... and I said to him, no problem, wish you best of luck and I hope you will find what you are looking for... three weeks later he wanted me back again... and I said no!
    Because you know why? things happen for a reason... and it obviosly was not meant to be... and if you two are ment to be together you will be. and if he never comes back again, you will meet someone new and you will fall in love again , and you will not be thinking, gosh I wish, I was still with that guy!
    Wish you best of luck sweety!

    Lovely blog btw!
    Your new follower!

    x Marina

  7. Chin up gorgeous, so sorry to hear this. You have your whole life ahead of you and better things will come, you deserve it. All of us blogger girlies are here if you ever need a chit chat, lots of love sent your way xx

  8. Anonymous16/2/12

    You made me cry like Carl and Ellie always do when I watch the film......sigh....


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