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Blush Professional 88 colour palette* - £8.99 from here

Alongside planning a fashion photoshoot, I always insist on doing the makeup myself. I'm rubbish with hair so never bother with it but I don't see the point in wasting money on an average makeup artist for photoshoots when you can get some materials and resources needed, watch a few youtube tutorials and do something if not near enough brilliant, then even better!

I purely got this palette to use on photoshoots. My sister is my usual model. She has been featured in a lot of my work so I don't mind using my own makeup on her (providing it all gets cleaned properly afterwards). However, I would never use my personal makeup on other people so I needed something that could serve that purpose! 

The 88 palette consists of 88 shadows ranging from pale pastels to brighter colours to the darker smoky browns, greys blacks. I was pleasently surprised how pigmented the shadows are. Even the lighter shadows in the top left area are really pigmented. I wouldn't say they're 'buttery' which is probably my favourite consistency when it comes to eyeshadows (oh naked palette, all eyes are on you), but for a price under a tenner (£10), it's got the wow-factor! As you can see, I only swatched a few of the brighter shadows and the darker green and black which I am now really excited to use properly!

I think this palette is great value of money and something everyone should have. I now really want to try all of the other products from the website! 


  1. This is definately something I'm looking to add to my palette collection, thanks for the heads up :) x

  2. I would love to buy this, but I just wouldn't get use of all the bright colours :( It looks so pretty! xx

  3. Anonymous16/2/12

    I never thought to buy one of these palletes because i thought the pigmentation would be bad but these look lovely! I'd love to see the photos when you try this out :) xoxo

  4. Anonymous16/2/12

    I ordered their hot earth palette
    Can't wait to receive it :)

  5. such a good review :) seems like they're great!
    you have a lovely blog. will follow you, maybe you have a look also on my blog :)


  6. So many wonderful colors! :D



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