Violent Lips

Violent Lip tattoos (Boots £7.99)*

Been wanting to try these out for ages and so excited I've finally got my hands on some! I actually only got them yesterday and rushed to try them out straight away. The instructions are pretty easy. You pop out the top lip and bottom lip and then line them up to your own lips and cut around the guidelines on the back, depending on how thick/thin your lips are. Peel off the back, apply to your lip and then use a flannel soaked (not pouring obviously) in water and dab the back of the applique and it magically appears on your lip. It's basically the same process as a temporary skin tattoo! They don't budge either. You can rub them as much as you like and they stay put which is great if you use them for a party/night out etc (they roughly last 4-8 hours, maybe more!).

They're really fun and come in a range of designs! I have the leopard print ones and the pinky red polka dot ones. I did a mini photoshoot with my sister yesterday as the lighting was beautiful and the sun was going down; creating a beautiful back drop. There's no specific theme and they're not really anything special but I really like them! I edited them in Photoshop incase you're wondering. Sometimes I mess with colours a lot which you can probably tell but sometimes I literally just sharpen and tweak the contrast!

Have you tried Violent Lips? What do you think of them?


  1. These look amazing, would be brilliant for fancy dress :)

  2. I love these, but I just don't think that I'd have the confidence to pull them off, which is a shame really :( xx

  3. I need to get these asap!

  4. Ah these are so mad! I can imagine they'd be good for a photoshoot or a mad night out, I love the way your sister looks with them and with the eyeshadow too! :) xx

  5. These look gorgeous! I will definitely have to try x

  6. these look so cool, wish I had some sort of fancy dress to go to so I could wear some - don't think I could pull it off casually x

  7. wow these look FIERCE! x

  8. really want to try these out, especially the glittery ones.

  9. These are amazing! Need to get some. :) x

  10. I've never heard of these but it's such a fun idea for special events or photo shoots! It kind of looks weird and cool at the same time :D nice!


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