Cat Ears Ring* (£7) & Fabulous Fox Ring* (£7)

Received a lovely gift from Cheap Frills a few days ago. Cheap Frills is an online jewellery based shop that is from Brighton, selling vintage inspired pieces and exclusive hand made items. I love the concept behind everything and they're super lovely too. It's a cherry on the top when a company contacts you and they're really polite! :-) 

I chose the cat ring as I've seen a similar version in Topshop before and I've seen a few in magazines. I adore animals so you will notice the whole theme. I also chose the fox ring! Surprised? I adore the jewellery and it's something I have already paired up with outfits and worn out. I really support the jewellery brand as everything is of a high quality, affordable price tags, super fast delivery (cutest gift bags too!) and generally great custom.

Have you tried out anything from Cheap Frills? 
Check out their shop and follow them on Twitter!

P.s You can get 20% off with code JAN20
(currently valid, no idea when it ends)


  1. Waaah, I love cats. I so hope they send internationally! Must. Have. It.

  2. that cat ring is so adorable! haha, love itt

  3. Eeek, I love the little cat ear ring (:

  4. The cat ring is so cute!!

  5. I love the stock from cheap frills so beautiful! I was actually thinking of incorporating some bits into my next giveaway but it's so hard deciding what pieces! I just want it all. I did have this fix ring in my wish list last month it's a beaut!xx

  6. i love these! I have a really similar little fox, I blogged about him a little while ago :)


  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cat's ears ring! I'm going through such a stage of having animal-esque jewellery so this really floats my boat! xx

  8. Hello! Thanks for your comment on my post :) RE: Disneyland, lol, I think the hotel cost us about £300 for 3 nights + 4 days which included park tickets for each day we were here plus breakfast each morning. The eurostar isn't that expensive if you book way in advance, but it really depends on where you're travelling from :) Hope that helped! xo

  9. The ring is awesome ... Also I really like your new header !! x

  10. I keep buying so many rings at the moment, animal ones are so cute! :) xo


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