Make up storage/Vanity area

I have a relatively small area where I store my makeup/perfume/skin care items (one day i will own something like this). I used to keep everything in my top drawer but everything was getting overcrowded so I finally bought some Muji acrylic storage systems, two of each, so I now have four drawers in total. I have ~recycled~ the drawer from Fearne Cotton's christmas nail varnish collection and used it to store more lipsticks as I was running out of room. My top drawer is face and base products, aswell as cheek products. The second drawer is my single eyeshadows and small eyeshadow quads drawer, the third is my eye drawer including eyeliners, mascaras and my one primer and the bottom drawer is a mix match of more lipsticks and my collection of rings (random!). I have really cute patterned boxes which were actually all part of a chocolate storage tower that my boyfriend's mum bought all of us as a christmas present, which again I have ~recycled~ . They're too pretty to throw away and besides, they match my room! The largest one contains all of my nail varnishes which is a bit of a pain as I have to take off the lid and balance everything but I work with it! I also have a tall cylinder one which holds my hair brushes, a small cylinder one which contains hair bobbles and bobby pins. I have quite a large skin care collection, simply because I believe everybody should look after their skin, no matter how young or old you are! I remove my makeup every single night for example and cleanse everyday, exfoliate every other day and exfoliate my body twice a week. I have built up quite a bit of a perfume collection, nothing too big but enough to last me throughout the year. I refuse to buy myself perfumes because they're so expensive so I always rely on Christmas which always sees me getting about 3-5 new bottles. My all time favourites were re-purchased for me this year. My signature scents being Chanel Madamoiselle and Dolce & Gabbana The One. So expensive, but so lovely.

Have you posted your makeup storage? I would love to have a nosey!*
nosey - "to have a look/intrigued to see something".


  1. oohh all that make up and perfumes how pretty !


  2. Your makeup looks so much more organised than mine! I really want some of those Muji drawers, they seem like a great way to keep stuff tidy.

    Gillian x

  3. wow I wish I had your make-up brush collection x

  4. So jealous of all your bits and bobs! xx

  5. yours all looks pretty neat! i just have two drawers, a desk top and a cupboard shelf where various perfumes, makeup, hair and nail bits are scattered! it's a bit like hunting for gold getting ready in the morning ;) i definitely think i should consider doing something a bit more like yours..

  6. Today I used the last sprits from my Coco Mademoiselle... Already missing it!

  7. your blog strangely enough makes me feel motivated because my room is the biggest tip in the world and if I owned all of the nice pretty stuff you owned I'd lose it underneath all of the mess. you motivate me to keep everything clean and organised so I can appreciate the nice things I may have/buy in the future! xo

    1. Aw your comment is so sweet! Thank you so much (: Once you organise everything you get into a routine and won't want to stop organising haha!

  8. All my makeup is shoved away in a drawer, I'd love to have it more visible like you because I think I'd use it more! :) xx

  9. My room is about the size of 3 toilet cubicles (no lie) so all my make up is just stuffed into a set of drawers I bought from good old wilko. I might do a sort out actually as I forget about the gems I have hidden away in there!

  10. I love reading these kind of posts I'm so nosy lol. :)


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