two thousand and twelve


Had my cousin Ellie-Mae over for three nights and she decided to pose in Todd Johnny Cupcakes hat // A blurry photo she took of Todd // Garfunkel's menu // NYE dinner // Fireworks in London

Me and Todd ventured into London yesterday for the huge fireworks display which obviously happens every new years eve. Neither of us have been before. We usually just stay in and watch it on BBC1 but Todd spontaneously asked if I wanted to go. We popped into Oxford Street first as I had to return something to Urban Outfitters but all the shops were closing, duh. We went for a meal in one of our favourite restaurants, Garfunkels and both had an amazing burger with fries and onion rings. We must have arrived in Westminster around 9ish. IT WAS PACKED. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE BEFORE IN MY LIFE.

Firstly it was a job trying to get out of Westminster station. We queued for about twenty minutes with a man's rucksack digging in my diaphragm preventing me from breathing and loads of people yelling "OLI OLI OLI.. OI OI OI". The viewing areas were full so we had to walk all the way around the river and finally got a last minute spot on Waterloo Bridge. The fireworks are so amazing in real life. You don't actually realise how much work goes into them until you're there viewing them in person. So much gun powder!

I really enjoyed the whole night but my legs and feet didn't! I had to climb over a gate in a skirt to get to the bridge and ended up clinging to a man for help (thanks for that mate!). I had to stand on a pavement just to be able to see over people's heads and had to breathe into my coat so I didn't inhale cannabis fumes. I wouldn't personally go again but it's lovely to try something out once! Getting home was a complete nightmare; loads of drunk people, sick all over the trains, bad smells and delays. Finally climbed into bed at 4am!

Oh also about my pregnancy tweets last night; I'm not actually pregnant. A couple next to us were 'protecting' me from the crowd. A guy pushed me and the lady shouted "HEY BE CAREFUL, THIS LADY'S PREGNANT!"........................... I went quiet, Todd started laughing and the couple carried on dancing. I realised later on the train that my coat sticks out because it's a swing coat. It's now going into the bin. 

Happy new year! Tomorrow's post shall be a 2012 goals!


  1. Hahahaha that's so funny about the pregnancy thing! I think I would have just gone along with it if it were me just for the entertainment haha. I really enjoyed the fireworks last night - I want to go again next year! We got there about 9:30sih, there were a lot of people but managed to get a good spot. Afterwards my friend said it would be better to walk to Victoria because of the crowds - we walked for an hour and then realised we were lost. My feet were KILLING me, I thought they were bleeding. Happy new year! x

  2. lololol about the pregnancy thing! sounds like the fireworks were utter chaos, but I reckon I will go up there one year, just because it's the done thing and like you said it's good to try things out! happy new year!
    Fashion Junkie

  3. Cheeky bugger! You could not look pregnant if you tried! The rest of the night sounds pretty decent though :) the food looks delish! I'm now following, I was wondering if I could buy your layout when my loan comes in on the 13th? :) xxx

  4. happy new year beautiful lady!
    LOLZ at the swing coat story.. that's classic. I'd have totally milked it!x


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