2012 goals


  • go to college everyday (3 days a week)
  • finish portfolio by late February
  • make an online portfolio
  • keep my room pristine
  • buy all of the dvds i've wanted for ages
  • start doing outfit posts at least four times a week
  • buy business cards (photography & blog)
  • read 20 new books
  • buy a levi jean jacket
  • buy some creepers
  • find some friends
  • have no arguments with Todd
  • finish college with good grades
  • get into university
  • buy a faux fur coat
  • order something from photojojo.com
  • learn how to use my diana camera
  • go to paris for 5 days at least
  • visit the harry potter studio tour
  • go to at least three blogger's events
  • meet up with some bloggers in london (providing they want to meet me of course!)
  • start making youtube videos again
  • start posting on a lookbook account
  • watch all of the dexter episodes
  • learn how to drive
  • pass theory test
  • put shelves up in my room
  • drink more water
  • get a new job, preferably in fashion retail
  • start university
  • buy black authentic vans
  • start selling jewellery via my blog/make a shop etc
  • get a car
  • eat healthy
  • save at least £50 a month
  • delete facebook
  • reach 1000 followers on twitter
  • reach 800 followers on blogger
  • buy harry potter wii game
  • grow my hair long


  1. I love these! Really well thought out and you can definitely do this :D good luck! xxx

  2. Lots of good goals, I should really make one of these lists and put learning to drive at the top of it! I'd definitely be interested in a London meet :) x

  3. Definitely stealing some of these, and I love that you also have 'visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour' on your list (: Good luck with achieving them, I also want to sort out my online portfolio and buy a faux fur coat! xx

  4. These are all really good goals. I ereallly wanna go to the Harry Potter studio tour too!

  5. Your final goal relates to my whole life! Haha, but I have that annoying hair that sticks to one length :( xx

  6. such good goals! i'm sure you can reach them, and it will be so satisfying when you do.
    Fashion Junkie

  7. So many similar goals to mine, it'll be amazing to see what you've accomplished this time next year!
    Good luck with Uni!!


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