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Exactly one month on in my project (last update here), I have completed the final piece for the graphics side of the project. I was umming and ahhing over what to do as we had to create a poster advertising an exhibition we will be holding next month to showcase the photographs we've taken for the other half of the project. 

I decided to create a cork/notice board in a kitchen to advertise it. My first draft was a basic poster (title, image, information, logos) which looked really boring; partly because I had no inspiration! I was discussing ideas with my boyfriend and finally sat down for a few hours and designed this! The blurred out bit on the paper is my college logo and the information blurred out on the post-it note is the information where the exhibition is being held. I obviously had to blur it out for privacy reasons and the exhibition venue is in partnership with my college! The images were purposely made into polaroids to fit around the theme of a notice board but I have also included polaroid imagery all thanks to my instax camera!

Click for a bigger view.

I did add several old granny wallpapers instead of the kitchen tiles but nothing would tile (if you understand photoshop, you'll understand what I mean!) properly. I think a cork/notice board is usually in the kitchen or an office though? I still have so much to do for the project; complete graphics research, print it all off, order my A3 display book, print in the darkroom for about two days and loads of process book work; all ready for  the 27th! As a result, blog designs will resume soon but please be patient.

 Let me know your thoughts!
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  1. Oh the woes of Photoshop! I think your corkboard looks perfectly placed on the kitchen tiles (: Good luck with the rest of the project, research work and putting portfolios together is the bane of my life!

  2. love your new layout hun!! your photoshop work is amazing! :) x

  3. This is so good! Loving your new layout too! xx


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