I reached 200 followers a while ago and fast approaching the 300 mark so I thought I would say a huge thank you to everybody who has followed my blog, commented and emailed me lovely things. The positive feedback I get is really rewarding and makes me want to blog regularly!

I have been thinking over and over again what to include as a prize for my giveaway. I have a few unwanted Christmas presents but nothing amazing to give away. Yesterday I was thinking about it some more and I am going to be giving away a blog design! It will be my £25 deal (which has currently been set to 'sold out' and will be up for sale again when I have got through the queue of blogs to design) but obviously free of charge! Not everybody is going to be interested in this, especially people who only have blogs to enter beauty giveaways and don't necessarily blog themselves. It can be hard to start blogging and grab attention from readers if your blog isn't very eyecatching to look at. It would be lovely to help out a blogger who reads my own blog to get on the road to blogging with a lovely looking blog. Or maybe one of you just fancy a re-vamp!

So, if you fancy winning yourself a complete blog design with a free installation included here's what you have to do:

  • Be a follower of ASHLLYD via GFC (Google Friend Connect) - Click Follow at the top or Click Join This Site on my followers widget.
  • Finish this sentence: "I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because.........."
  • Leave a contact email.
Extra entries (+1 entry for each):
  • Follow me on Twitter (link here)
  • Like ASHLLYD on Facebook (link here)
  • Like Daisystreet on Facebook (link here)
  • Tweet about the giveaway and mention @ashllyd so I can see it!
Winners will be chosen via random.org and the giveaway will end 11:59pm 31st January. I will contact you on the given email address. The winner will have 48 hours to reply otherwise I will pick a different winner, so check your inboxes!



  1. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because they look awesome and my blog needs a makeover and I'm a poor student who can't afford to buy one :(

    If I were to win please email me at coolstoryclo@gmail.com

    (also I already follow you on Twitter and I tweeted about it here: https://twitter.com/#!/ChloeLeePhoto/status/156349957299908608)

    Thank you!
    Chloe x

  2. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I am a total technophobe. I have seen all of your other designs and they always look really cute and quirky, as does your blog (which constantly changes! :] ).


    Thanks hun,

  3. Ahhhh YAY! This has made my day! :')

    I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because.......... I've wanted a new blog design for months, I genuinely hate mine haha! I adore your blog, and your designs and have wanted something similar for a while. I find it so neat, easy to navigate etc. Unfortunately, I haven't had the €€€ to pay for a design, so hopefully this might be my lucky chance. I'd also link your blog etc on my blog, and on twitter etc saying you designed it and all that jazzzz!

    I follow you on twitter and liked both FB pages. :D



  4. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because she's super nifty with HTML and I am really apalling. Needs lots of things changing but haven't got a clue!


  5. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because i'm technology illiterate. I've tried to learn it, messed about a little bit but it always ends in disaster. If there was a competition for the most boring layout, then mine would win hands down. While I don't like overcomplicated, I don't like plain & boring either and looking at your designs here & on other blogs you know your shizznitt!!
    I already follow you on GFC & Twitter :o)


  6. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I looove what you do! I like how you do them and think you're very talented, and it's a fab opportunity to have my blog done all purty!

    I'm a follower on GFC as Lorin Pateron & liked your page on Facebook (Lorin Paterson), followed you on twitter (@reveriesdelorin) and tweeted about your comp, I mentioned you so you should have gotten it! Xx

  7. Oooh, my email address is lorinpaterson@mail.com by the way! x

  8. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because i feel that mine needs an update and looks messy right now. I'd really like for it to look more tidy and professional like yours does. I also think mine has too much going on at the moment making it feel too busy, especially in the sidebar.
    I follow you through GFC and twitter and have liked both facebook pages :)
    katiefhowell@hotmail.com xo

  9. aw, such a clever idea ashleigh! would love to be entered, i really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because i've loved everything i've seen you've done and also my blog's looking a little shabby of late haha. fingers crossed!

    beth x ramz and the flock

  10. p.s follow you on twitter & just tweeted x

  11. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because......... I do not have the faintest clue about web design (depsite being a Graphics student, but ssssh!)

    Leigh x

  12. I also follow you on Twitter already & I've liked your facebook page x


  14. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because......... no matter how hard I try I can never get my layout "quite right"

  15. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because your blog is one of the blogs I always look forward to reading, the fact that your illustrations are beautiful and that you seem to have no ends to your html (and whatever else it is - im such a technophobe, its embarrasing!) and I would be so in awe to have something designed by you on my blog!

    This is such a lovely giveaway lovely!

    Lucy xx


  16. Congrats on your 200/almost 300 followers!
    I follow via GFC as Laura.
    I follow your twitter as beautylovenotes (and tweeted here
    I already liked the Daisy Street Facebook page as Laura H...

    I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because my blog really needs tidying up! I want to take blogging a bit more seriously in 2012 and think a properly designed header, links etc would help!

    Thanks :)

  17. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I cannot bear to begin blogging without a nice design/layout - major OCD! Plus, they're such lovely designs!

    I follow ASHLLYD through GFC as OWLSANDSWALLOWS.
    Twitter: LucyAlanaBarnes. (I'll be tweeting about your giveaway shortly!)
    I'm also following Daisystreet on Facebook.

    My email is LucyAlanaBarnes@hotmail.co.UK

    Lucy xx

  18. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I can't stop thinking about how nice they are since first finding them on the #bbloggers chat!

    I've done everything above and just about to tweet about it. What a lovely giveaway, thanks for giving us all the chance to win!


    Fiona x

  19. GFC: D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) Email: dinah@dgsbeauty.com
    I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because it's been a while since I updated my blog design.

    I am following you on twitter and liked you on the FB pages as @dgsbeauty

  20. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD I really wan't to start blogging and I think this would be a good way to start!
    Alice x

  21. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because my blog has been the same for over two years and it's time for a spring clean but i'm really not good at changing anything. I follow on GFC and twitter, and have liked both FB pages.
    My email address is dinoprincesschar@gmail.com

  22. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because my blog design is ...urm, rubbish!? I've fiddled with it but nothing too clever like HTML since my brain seems to get muddled up with all the tags! Your blog design is amazing - I like the title and the title widgets.

    I follow on GFC and Twitter. My email address is hannahadobe@gmail.com

    Thank you :)
    ~Hannah xx

  23. A fantastic opportunity giveaway! One to be honest I'd be daft not to enter!

    Following via GFC as The Agoraphobic Fashionista (name of blog also)

    "I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because.......... I started my blog on Nov 16th after losing over 5 st and changing my life, I was starting to try and piece myself and my style etc together. Incredibly Agoraphobic and Bi-polar I struggle to get out of the house so started the blog as therapy. With that in mind I've tried my best in regards to the content, layout and design but it would be a real dream come true to have you design something outstanding!''

    Follow on twitter now as @sera_mcdaid
    liked the FB page and also tweeted the giveaway.

    Good luck to everyone, a fantastic prize!

  24. Amazing competition! I am following on GFC and Twitter as A Certain Vintage

    I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because....I am feeling uninspired by my blog! After struggling to personalise the layout over the 2 years since I've started it, I am stuck in a rut..my technical ability leaves a lot to be desired and I have never been happy with my blog layout. I have an idea in my head of how I'd like it to look but just can't implement it. This would motivate me to bring my blog into 2012, raise it's quality and lift my spirits after a difficult 2011 where my blog was one of the only places where I could have a safe haven for myself :)

    Amazing and generous giveaway!

  25. p.s my email address is acertainvintageblog@gmail.com

  26. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I've been trying to play about with my blog to make it mire personalised and appear to have banjaxed the appearance of it! I really want my blog to appear unique and to reflect me and what I'm interested in, but really need some help!!

    Thanks, Sara - belfastbeautylove@yahoo.com

  27. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I would love to refine my blog design but lack the expertise!

    I follow on GFC as Lauren
    Follow on Twitter as @gottalovearier
    Tweeted too - https://twitter.com/#!/gottaloveatrier/status/157208200700104704 (though my twitter account is private so not sure link works?)
    Email - gottaloveatrier@hotmail.co.uk

  28. I follow you at GFC :)

  29. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because......... I've always want update my boring blog and i would love to make my blog more personally and interesting...

  30. contact : heavenlydreams.1988@gmail.com :)

  31. I have follow you on twitter. Heavenlydreams8

  32. liked your facebook page

  33. liked Daisystreet facebook :)

  34. I've tweet about your awesome giveway


  35. I liked your FB page as Brianna Dale

  36. I liked Daisystreet on FB as Brianna Dale

  37. I followed on Twitter as @BresBaubles

  38. my contact email is bredale1@gmail.com

  39. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because like yourself my blog is growing so fast. In less than a year, I've come a long way and I love blogging. I want my blog to look the way I imagine. Less clutter, simple and clean, and modern. I want the images and content to standout and for my blog not to be cartoony and unprofessional. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because your designs look so beautiful and atm mine is very basic and I wish i was creative enough to be able to make one..but i'm not..so fingers crossed! thank you <3

    Clarabella xx


  41. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I think your designs are amazing! They're just how I would design a blog IF i had half of your creativity and talent! So I think they'd really suit my blog too :)

    I've already liked Daisystreet & your blog on facebook, too :)



  42. "I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I have seen the blogs you have designed and I love what you do!
    I feel with your help you could make my blog extra super duper prettyful :) xx

  43. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I'm on a student budget and cannot afford to buy one. I'm also html illiterate although I do try...and fail. I really love the designs you make and would love to be able to give my blog a much deserved makeover!

    Love Lauren! :)


    (liked the facebook page, following you before on twitter anyway so hello!)

    1. p.s happy 300th follower!

  44. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because....I just started my blog and have been searching everywhere for someone to provide a fab design...and LOVE your work
    p.s if your £25 deal stops being 'sold out' could you possibly let me know as I would still love to buy it if I didn't win :)

  45. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because my blog is in desperate need of a revamp, and I know you'd do a good job! :)


    I also follow you on twitter.. Im @roseanneamy!

  46. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I am looking for a revamp, and Rachael from Island Girl Insights suggested you :) By looking at your previous designs, I know that you're the one :)

    I follow you on Twitter & also tweeted as @OhNoItsBex
    I also liked both pages on Facebook as Bex Smith
    I follow on GFC as Bex Smith


  47. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because having read/looked at your blog and so many others for so long i've decided i want to create my own and do the same! it would mean so much as i've only just started, and like you said it would help me get on the road to blogging :)
    i follow you on twitter too!


  48. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because I know that without a lot of time and mistakes I wouldnt be able to create a design that would come anywhere the amazing designs of ASHLLYD and it really really needs a new look!


  49. I would love a blog design by ASHLLYD because her work is amazing, consistent and exactly the simple yet eye-catching designs i have been on the hunt for.



  50. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because... You are amazing and I really love all of your designs! I have been reading your blog for a while and I loveee it! I really love how simple but lovely all of your blog designs are and I know that it would look amazing! I have some great ideas of how I would like my blog to look but being a complete computer idiot- I have no idea how to do anything photoshop related and I know you do! :)



  51. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because....I am rubbish at designing a blog for me, think I'm too self deprecating!! Love ASHLLYD's style and think she would be able to reflect my style on my blog :)

    Kim xx

  52. Thought id already entered this but apparently not, oops!

    I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because..........my blog needs one!
    Following with gfc and twitter x

  53. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD as they're super cute!

  54. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because.. my blog always looks boring and your designs are fabulous it would give my blog a whole new life :)

    my email is charleigh_x@hotmail.co.uk
    also follow on twitter @misscharley_x


  55. I really want a blog design by ASHLLYD because.......... I AM FUCKING AWFUL AT HTML AND I NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP BY ASHLEIGH :) wuv u xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    contact: emma.brownphoto@hotmail.co.uk

  56. I really want a blog design because I can't afford one and also I don't understand HTML stuff so I can't make my own, also my blog seems to be getting more and more views now and I'd like my blog to look abit more professional :)


  57. I want an ASHLLD blog design because my poor blog needs a bit of a revamp. I get confused by all the html malarky and I spend too long attempting to make my blog look pretty and failing...

    followed on twitter/gfc and liked both on facebook!

    sophieetcblog@gmail.com xx


Thanks so much for your comment! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them!

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