GHOST The Musical


As a part of my birthday treat, my mum bought three tickets for me her and my sister to see Ghost the musical. I've been wanting to see it since it opened up in London and I'm so glad I did! We got really good last minute seats; row M to be precise. I can't really explain where the seating was but we was in stalls and could see people blink if that makes any sense (that's how close we was!).

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I've watched the film a million times and it remains one of my all time favourites. I wasn't sure whether Richard Fleeshman would live up to the Patrick Swayze expectation but he actually amazed me, as did Caissie levy (Molly).  The story line was in the exact same order as the film. The effects they used to include the New York 'tube' was really clever. They even managed to include a magic way of Richard 'Sam' walking through doors as a ghost; not to mention swapping a dead Sam for the ghost Sam... and Carl and Willie Lopez! (AN ADVERT HAS JUST COME ON TV AND THE MUSIC IS UNCHAINED MELODY, HOW WEIRD?!)
The lady that normally plays Oda Mae Brown (Woopi Goldberg) was injured so she was replaced by  Da'Vine Joy Randolph who was SO funny and had me in tears (of laughter!). 

My sister has seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert ten times (which sadly left London last week!) so she knows all about the journey to the stage door...
We waited for all of the cast to come out and then we saw Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy. I was so stunned I went quiet. (I've fancied him since he was Craig in Corrie!)
He was really lovely as was Caissie and we got a photo with them, yay!  (I look awful). They signed my programme too! We also met Da'Vine and we were the only ones waiting for her so she was stunned and surprised but really happy! We must have been talking to her for a good twenty minutes! My sister is aspiring to be a theatrical/musical/performing artist herself so Da'Vine kindly gave her loads and loads of advice and we even walked to the train station with her!

 Richard Fleeshman, me, louise (sister), Caissie Levy

Us with Da'Vine!

I really recommend you all book tickets now. Ticket prices are expensive but a show like Ghost (honourable mentions also go to The Lion King and Grease) is so worth it! It was breathtaking! Sadly the cast is leaving after the 13th January to perform Ghost in Broadway so I've been really lucky to be able to watch Richard perform!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time, what a lovely birthday present! x

  2. Oh wow! I'm super pleased you had an awesome time. I kept seeing you tweeting that you were waiting outside the stage door, so pleased that you managed to see him :-) x

  3. Such an amazing show!

  4. I went there last night, with my friend. Absolutely love the show. I want to watch it again, but I'm glad i had my chance to watched Richard played as its his last night tonight. Tomorrow someobody will be replace Richard! :D


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