Monday 5th Sep:
Todd and me decided to venture into Oxford Street, Carnaby Street & Covent Garden today. 
It was his birthday a few weeks ago, so he decided to have a huge spend up in Topman and other shops. It's usually me with all the bags, but this time it was him! He picked out some really nice bits 'n bobs though, mostly chinos and tops with some kind of picture/motif on, and some jumpers for the winter and what not. 

I only managed to pop to Urban Outfitters and Primark and purchase a few things. I've been lusting over the  leopard cross tee (truly, madly, deeply) for absolutely months. It's one of them things that's really nice, very popular among the ''blogging community'', but also a little pricey at £28. I'm aware there's a few Bigcartel shops that are run by bloggers who have created their own inspired version of the Urban Outfitter's piece, however I kinda think they look fake, tacky and I don't like the shiny look of the cross motif. The Urban Outfitters version is made from thin black cotton, and only had the black version available (they had a white one a few months ago). It also has longer sleeves than a normal t-shirt, but they're not three-quarter length. I really liked it on in the changing rooms so I finally put an end to my ooh'ing and aahh'ing and bought it! I think I will wear it with everything; leggings, levi vintage jean shorts, leather shorts, leather leggings, black bodycon skirt. It's so lovely.

Whilst having a look at the shoes in Urban Outfitters; I also picked up some brogues. I really need a new pair but I've been looking for ones that don't look too 'plastic' looking which to be honest.. don't have PRIMARK written all over them! My favourite brogues are from New Look, however they have been misplaced, but thinking about it, they were looking rather tatty anyway. They look great with the leopard cross tee with the similar colouring. They were also reduced from £38 to £25 at the till so I was happy!

Finally, I ran to Marble Arch's huge Primark and had a look around. I picked up a few bits but I'm too tired to write anymore. I will take pictures of everything tomorrow.

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