Ombre Hair


So, I've finally grown some balls and bleached the ends of my hair, jumping on the bandwagon of the popular, infamous "ombre" style. It's been trending around various celebs such as the Olsen twins, Sarah-jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore.. more famously, Alexa Chung. It's also been very popular amongst other bloggers. I won't name names, I'm sure you're all familiar with who I'm on about!

I've been wanting to do it for absolutely ages, but have always put off doing anything about it. My hair's been black for more than a year now, which as much as I loved it, it was a pain in the backside growing out! I used the famous 'Colour b4' to restore my near enough natural hair colour which did it perfectly. It's a little pricey at £11 but it's done the trick so hallelujah!

I bought Jerome Russell's B blonde 'powder bleach' box for light to dark brown hair. I actually bought the wrong box. After watching Heather's video (her blog is Effiesmakeupbox) I saw she bought the 'hair lightning' box by JR. The one I bought contains 4 sachets of powder bleach, but you buy the peroxide separately at £1.52 (roughly) 40% vol. I mixed one sachet with one whole bottle of peroxide, as recommended on the instructions.

I do want more blonde at the ends, so it's a proper graduation from dark to light, however I'm going to do that overtime. At the end of the day, it's bleach and bleach kills your hair!

What do you think about ombre hair? Does it suit me?


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