Purple lipstick

tweeted yesterday how I was dying to try out the Kate Moss' new range of lipsticks, by Rimmel. They were released this week I think (correct me if I'm wrong!) but boyyyy.. I want them all! I think there's around 5/6 colours of choice; including a classic red, vibrant orange and a deep purple; also a hot pink.  There was a nice nude one I liked too, which is unusual as I'm a bright lip wearer! I was in a pickle and didn't know whether to purchase yet another red lipstick to my collection or go for something more daring.. such as purple. I already own a purple lipstick, also by rimmel london, however it's a glossy finish and it's a pain to get rid of the glossy finish (i prefer sheens/frosts or my favourite is matte). It's also got undertones of red, so I often apply it on top of my red lip to create a vampy red.

I grew some balls and went for the purple one (04). The lady at the stand recommended me the red one and said that would suit me most, however I think she was just saying that to get a sale, considering I was wearing a bright red lip! She was nice though and gave me a leaflet to get 200 points on my Boots advantage card if I bought one of Kate's lipsticks. Couldn't resist, could I?!

Here's how it looks:

My Boyfriend absolutely hates it, but I think it looks nice. I'm wearing a smokey grey/black eye at the moment so obviously it's far too much and I do look like a goth, but the key to a bright lip is minimal eye makeup!

What do you think of purple/black lipsticks?  Have you tried Kate's range yet?



  1. I think purple lipsticks always looks gorgeous, especially this one! I'll have to get myself it at some point :)

  2. I've got a purple lipstick by Urban Decay which I think is lovely! I've not had a the chance to try it though but this Rimmel one looks gorgeous! I'll be checking these out tomorrow, for sure! xo

  3. My boyf hates me wearing red lipstick, i think any kind of lipstick just intimidates them!! I really like this colour and have always wished that I suit it. I don't even suit red, to be honest. I have such an unversatile asian skin tone! sucks!! Thank you for blogging about it as I didn't know about this new range, i shall check it out next time i'm out. xxx

  4. I like that purple! I actually saw them yesterday when I was buying me make up with my birthday money but I stuck with red :P


  5. I'm so tempted, it looks amazing! Plus I don't own any purple lippies so it's totally justified...


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