Small Haul


Bag - eBay (Alexander Wang studded bag knock off :P) - £24. (Search "celebrity studded bag")
Pencil case £3.50 /  Faux crocodile real leather notebook £8 / Small notebook £2.50 - Paperchase 
Models own polishes - Snow white + purple grey £5 each
No7 mascara £12 (i had a no7 £5 off voucher though, so got it for £7!)
Todd also got this cute bobble hat :)

I picked up some clothes too but the camera done them no justice.
 I start college next week so outfit posts shall begin!


  1. ahhh love that bag, I ordered one the other day too :) can't wait for it to arrive!! :)

  2. Oo did you get black? I absolutely love it! xo

  3. Anonymous11/9/11

    Just a quick note, hola has a h at the front xxx

  4. Anonymous13/9/11

    But that's not how you spell it :S poor Spanish people! Right in English and French but not Spanish :( xxx

  5. Lol ok ok ok, I will change it just for you :)

  6. Where did you get the Faux crocodile real leather notebook from?

    And by the way, loads of spanish people say Hola without the H. Trust me, I live in spain...

  7. Anonymous16/9/11

    That's like saying that l'envers is real French! Obviously you don't pronounce the H but it's still there!

  8. It's from Paperchase :) they have different colours too!


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