Winter Hat & 9/11


001: I've never worn hats, simply because I think they don't suit me or my face. I've 'stolen' my Boyfriend's whilst he irons his clothes for college tomorrow (I don't start till Wednesday bahahah!) and I'm contemplating whether to buy one- but not so colourful, preferably just black or something!

 TOPMAN - £12

002: I'm only wearing concealer under my eyes, powder & a little bit of mascara today. A re-occuring rash comes up on the side of my face (it's slightly red in the above picture) everytime I use ELF's bronze/blush duo so I've thrown it away! I'm also loving my hair at the moment. As you know, I ombre'd it. My Mum hated it when I first done it, but she complimented it yesterday woo! I was planning on re-bleaching but I think I may stay this gingery colour at the ends.. for now ^_^

003: As you're all aware, it's 9/11 today. I was thinking of writing a post about it separately but I just wouldn't know what to write. I cannot believe it was ten years ago to the day! (I feel so old right now lol). I was eight years old and I cannot remember what I was doing at the time. I was so confused at such a young age and just remember seeing loads of images of the same two buildings on TV on fire & loads of people crying. I feel sorry for everybody who's lost an innocent friend/relative/partner in those unfortunate attacks. I read in the newspaper a few days ago, that America were expecting some "celebration" attacks from another group of terrorists. I haven't heard anything on the TV so far, so hopefully nothing like that happens again. 
I've never told my blog about this as it's kinda irrelevant to the things I blog, but my Grandad is half-American, meaning we have a huge family out in America, mostly right near New York. I'm thinking of you all today and with that, I will end this sentence and say, rest in peace to every innocent life lost on the 11th September 2001.

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  1. your hair is looking gorgeous, love it! xx


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