Today's buys


Picture 1:

001: Colour B4 (extra strength)
002: L'oreal Feria Colour 3D "Pure Amber"

003: Jerome Russell's Highlighting kit

I have started my hair process. I'm jumping on the infamous "ombre" hair bandwagon. I know it's not necessarily rare to find a girl with hair like this now'adays but I genuinely really like the look of a gradient from dark to light so thought why not?! I realised a minute ago I've bought the wrong Jerome Russell kit so I may have to pop along and change that tomorrow! (I meant to buy the blue box :()

I really like the jumpers. I got them in a size 16 as they're cropped jumpers so came up really small. I like the idea of dressing simple, but something that still looks nice and classy. The stone coloured jumper goes really lovely with the leather leggings (although they're not really leggings, more like tight fitting trousers?!)

Percy Pigs - M&S <3
Faux Leather Shorts - Select (I never shop in there though!) £16
Faux Leather Leggings with Legging material panelling - H&M £14.99
Jumpers £7.99 each, H&M (I can't find the link to them online, but they're from the 'divided' section)

Do you like the leather trend?


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