Hi everyone, here's a review about this ring I was sent from the lovely Sue, from Yuju.co.uk.

Every piece of jewellery is either home-made or highly manufactured, which I think is lovely as I know that the item sent to me either has a personal touch to it or is of definite high quality.
The description describes the ring as 'sultry and sophiscated' which I definitely agree with. 

I wore it today which you can see if you look at my last post.
I have really small hands, so finding a ring that isn't a kiddies one is a very hard job for me.
I can never buy rings from places like Primark/Topshop etc because they're always too big!
Luckily, this ring has an adjustable band, which is still a little bit big for me, but it doesn't budge if I wear it on my middle finger.

This particular ring comes in two colours; black and pink, although personally I prefer the black.
Yuju has a great selection of other things on the website including: braceletsearringsnecklacesmore rings & also scarves (click for details)

The ring itself is super lovely and will be something I will wear with a lot of my outfits.
I would definitely recommend this website to anybody looking for real good quality jewellery that's exclusive and not found in mainstream shops.. there's also...

(they don't currently ship internationally, however they're looking into it!)

Thank you so much to Sue for sending me this!

Take a look at the selection of items on the Yuju website
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