Set fire to the rain


I'm totally rubbish with trying to capture images of my outfits. I need to buy my own tripod and I will do soon.. just one problem.. I have £2 to my name until next Friday!  I wore a skirt from H&M with two pockets on the front which I love but it creases so bad. I tucked my little polka dot top into it from Tesco which I adore. I love the high neck! I also wore my fitted black blazer from H&M and my beloved brogues from Urban Outfitters. Sorry I can't exactly show you the whole outfit but proper outfit posts will be up soon.. I promise!

How cold is it getting lately?! I think I need to dig out all my woolly jumpers soon and introduce my Doc Martens to my outfits again!


Foundation - ELF
Concealer - Collection 2000
Powder: LA Colours
Mascara - no7 extreme (green tube)
Eyeliner - Elf pen
Blusher - Elf 'candid coral'

Lipstick - Rimmel, Red Fever


  1. Your shirt is cuteeeee :)
    Hannah x

  2. I seriously wish I could wear red lips, I'm in half a mind to wander around a Benefit counter and ask for them to make me over haha. You have such a lovely blog Ashleigh (:


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