Crazy, Stupid, Love


Today me and the Boyfriend popped into Lakeside. I have no money to my name (currently 60p in my purse, go me!) until Friday when my bank account is cherished with dollar. 

There was a recruitment fair on today. I've known about it for a few weeks and made sure to pencil it into my diary, iPod, phone and anything else with a calender so I didn't forget! I do have a job at the moment but I feel it's time for me to leave and start a new leaf. I've been there for a year on the 30th and just don't feel happy anymore. I feel I need a job in a fashion sales based role as I live and breathe fashion. It's what I've been into since I can remember and what I want to go into in the future. I cannot see myself serving popcorn at 25 years of age! That's a little clue to where I currently work ;-)

The recruitment fair was very packed so me and Todd went to the boardwalk and originally wanted a Nando's but the queue was huge! Even though we put our name down on the waiting list, we whisked on over to the Old Orleans. I went there for my 16th and haven't been back since. Todd's never been so we ended up going there for chilli nachos starter to share and a burger with chips. It was loooooovely!

We popped into Lakeside's cinema. I have to get permission to get into a movie for free, so I ended up bumping into an old manager who worked at my place and the first thing he said was "Wow, haven't they got rid of you yet!?". Charming.
I've been wanting to see Crazy, Stupid, Love since the first trailer was advertised. Being back at college has taken up all our time but today was a chilled out day so we went to see it. IT WAS FAB. 
My number one boy crush is Ryan Gosling and my girl crush is Emma Stone so both in one film was heaven. I'm also a huge fan of Steve Carell (40 year old virgin, Evan Almighty etc!) so I was uber excited. 

The Plot:
Steve Carell plays a middle aged man named Cal who's married to Emily with three children. Emily cheats on him and asks for a divorce. Cal goes into depression and spends most of his time at the bar talking to people about his depressive personal life. Meanwhile Jacob (Ryan Gosling) is a good looking rich guy who gets all the ladies. He spots Cal moping about and offers to give him a makeover and get over his divorce. Cal agrees and the makeover begins........
He ends up getting lots of ladies! However, he's clearly still in love with his wife. Then Jacob meets Hannah (Emma Stone)...... & the twist begins!

It's such a great film. So good infact, I really want it on DVD! We had some annoying girls in front of us though who chatted & giggled non-stop & sat on their phones! One of them was even recording part of the film. If only I was in uniform...

I did apply for one position at the recruitment fair. I'm not going to say too much as I don't want to get my hopes up but it's an absolute dream job for me.
 I will keep you all posted!

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