Lucky Streak?


I've won two competitions, within two days and I cannot stop shaking.
Yesterday I entered Glamour Magazine (UK)'s competition via twitter. I had to choose a celebrity out of 20 pictures they supplied through a link and pick my favourite hair style (all had bobs) and say why. I chose Alexa Chung and said "I love her tousled ombre look and of course her whole wardrobe!".
Later on, I received a message and a tweet from Glamour, alongside a lot of tweets from random people saying congrats, I had won! This competition was sponsored by Evian. My prize is a month's supply of Evian water and a Baby Inside t-shirt!

This morning I entered a competition run by Vue Cinemas via twitter. I had to follow them and send a "roar" tweet to them for the chance to win two tickets to the premier of Jurassic Park in Westfield, Shepard's Bush .. TONIGHT.
I sent a r....rrrooo00oaAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! and again, got tweeted by Vue Cinemas, followed by them and tweeted by various other people saying congrats.

Who thinks I should start doing the lottery?


  1. Lucky! Congrats! x

  2. Congrats! I'd get entering as many competitions as possible if I were you cause you're clearly on a roll!

  3. Thank you Rachel!
    Haha Fritha. You just reminded me. I bought a KitKat yesterday and you found out inside whether you won £10,000. I THREW THE WRAPPER AWAY :(


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