Project: JUNE & ROB (Personal Work)


I've never shared any of my photography work on here before. I've started my final year at college which has a lot of huge assignments to start and finish before June 2012, so expect a lot of posts about work I'm currently working on, photo shoots etc. All your comments are greatly appreciated and can also help me to choose the best photographs to include in end of year shows and countless exhibits within London.

This project was my final major project at the end of last year (June 2011). It was addressed as a self-negoiated project, meaning we had a free choice to think of a subject/theme/idea to interpret and shoot. I looked at many artist's work including Larry Sultan, Richard Billingham and my favourite; Mitch Epstein. They all had family based projects, all shot on film which made me think of many ideas.

Project June & Rob focuses on the only Grandparents I have left. Both of my Dad's parents have passed away; most recently my Nan in May of this year. I never knew my Grandad.
Being the first Grandchild, I've spent the most years with my Grandparents and I really wanted to reflect my love for them aswell as my thoughts and really delve into our memories together. 

The Shoot
I stayed at my Grandparents' flat in Hoxton, Hackney, East London for around five days. Due to the project being split into two, I then spent a further three days at their home the following week. I focused on portraiture and how I see my Grandparents. I tried to focus more on my Grandad however he's let's say... camera shy... and I found it hard to hold his attention for longer than two minutes; hence why the majority of the project is merely focused on my Nanny.  

Before I upload the photographs I shot, let me just describe my Grandparents so you can begin to imagine what they're like mentally through physically looking at a photograph. I think this is a great concept as nobody who follows my blog knows my Grandparents, therefore you can really begin to imagine personalities, accents and everything else!

Nanny June:
My Nan is quite a stubborn lady. I have inherited this quite badly I guess. If somebody annoys us, we don't talk to them until they apologize (bahahah!). She's been smoking for 50 years so I focused a lot of photographs around her main joy of life as you'll see. She's sarcastic, highly-opinionated and underestimated. People look at her to be a quiet person, but boy.. if somebody is rude to her then they have to be ready for her reaction!--  On the other hand, my Nanny is very generous; always buying me and the other three grand children sweeties, and lots of lovely presents at Christmases. We're always topped up with pocket money. She has a big heart and I love her lots.

My Grandad is a very quiet man.. when he wants to be. He's been through a lot in life which I'm not prepared to speak about via the internet, but I respect him so much and admire his bravery and courage. Although quiet, he does have a temper. I remember during this project, he came home and was bellowing and thundering about how a man downstairs had annoyed him. He does make me laugh. He has a very sweet nature about him. He showers us all with ear nibbles, money and his famous saying.. "comics, sweets and sticky buns".--  He's my best friend. We're very close and I'll always be there for him. I love my Grandad.

I shall shh now and show you the photographs. They were all shot digitally, unless stated. 
Please note: I am a film lover, I rarely shoot digitally. However, this project was unfortunately a digital based project. Some photographs were edited to give a retro/vintage feeling. I love film.

Excuse the dot on my forehead. It's a dirt mark on my lens which I had to edit out of the   other self-portraiture shots but somehow forgot to on this one!

Let me know what you think!


  1. This is a very beautiful idea, it's really touching and i think it's an idea that people wish they came up with. The photos are memories that you will keep forever. Your photography here is AWESOME and i can't wait to hear about the rest of the project as it progresses, you're going to do so well with this. Well done for coming up with the concept, you're our Corinne Day. Good luck with the project xxx

  2. Your photography is AMAZING!

  3. wow, your photos look amazing! I really like the one of the lamp, not sure why xx

  4. These photos are stunning. You're extremely talented :) Looking forward to some more photography posts! x

  5. Aw thank you Gem, i really like that one too!
    Thank you so much Olivia. These comments make me happy! x

  6. Ashleigh, these shots are soul catching , beautiful! Am so glad i came upon these pictures:) I love the story. Makes me want to take pictures of my parents too:)) thanks for sharing Ashleigh! Hope you ate having a great year !


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