The 10 week countdown is officially ON! I cannot believe we have hit 30 weeks already, but we are so ready now to meet our son.

We decided to book in for a private 4D scan on the 28 week milestone, returning back to Window to the Womb at the Walthamstow branch. We booked our first Early Scan at 6 weeks there, returning backk again at 16 weeks for an early Gender Reveal scan; which also gave us a sneak preview of baby in 4D. However, baby was so small that features hadn't yet developed completely and he more so resembled a little alien!

I had always known I would probably book in for a 4D scan further along in my pregnancy. Not only is it lovely to see your baby and what they look like, but it's also peace of mind for me for our baby to have a wellbeing check. I have always said that a final scan at 20 weeks is not enough and pregnant women should be offered another scan even if their pregnancy is looking healthy! It's a long time to wait to see your baby again at birth!

There are many different packages available to book, depending on how far you are in your pregnancy. The 4D scans have 3 different packages, all slightly different in price. We went for the 'Born To Be A Star' package, which is priced at £109, but we was kindly given a discount if we could share our experience.

Below are all the different scan packages Window to the Womb offer.

This time, we brought along family members to experience the scan with us. The amazing thing about booking a private scan at Window to the Womb is that you're allowed up to 5 people in the scan with you... and that doesn't include you or the second parent!

The sonographer we had was the same lady we have had for all 3 scans and she is a diamond. In NHS scans, you are made to feel like you're just a number and the scan experiences can feel quite rushed. However, at Window to the Womb, you are made to feel as if you and your baby are the most important two people that day. With spa music playing, dim and cosy lighting, sofas for guests to relax and a huge projected screen infront of you, you really cannot beat the experience. You are guided on where to lay, helped to get up at the end and updated on findings all throughout the scan experience.

The experienced lasted around 25 minutes and we got to see our little one in both black and white 3D, but mostly in 4D.  Baby never likes to cooperate in scans, which has seen him upside down, hiding behind his hands and this time, he was cushioned up against my placenta.  It took a while for the sonographer to capture some clear images, but you have to work around the baby! I did some stretching and some wiggling of the hips which moved him slightly, so we was able to see him a lot clearer.

The wellbeing checks also gave me peace of mind that everything is looking healthy. The sonographer told us that if they see anything wrong, then they write their findings in your antenatal book for you to go to hospital with. The only thing that worried us slightly was that at the beginning, we was told that the cord was laying on baby's chest, but close to his neck. However, by the end of the scan, he had moved around so much, the cord had moved and was no longer near his neck.

We had around 50 images to choose prints from, but there is also an app called Bumpies you can download, where you are provided with your scan's unique code, so you can download ALL the images captured; as well as any video footage captured.

Our experience was magical and it left both nannies-to-be, an auntie-to-be and parents-to-be feeling SO excited. We all celebrated with a cake from the bakery after and went home with some beautiful photos of our baby boy.

I cannot recommend Window to the Womb enough and will definitely return for any future pregnancies. From the moment you walk into the door, you feel as if you're at home and the reception staff even share their joy with you when you walk out feeling excited and happy.  Thank you so much to Annabel and the rest of the team at the Walthamstow branch for the best experience!

Disclaimer: I was offered a discount on this service by Window to the Womb, but all words, opinions and photographs are my own.

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