Hands up if you hate ironing, hardly ever reach for the iron and practically forgot you have an iron stashed away somewhere? I hope your hands are up, because both of mine are!

Ironing for me is the worst chore imaginable, which becomes even worse when you find yourself 32 weeks pregnant and facing an ever-growing mountain of clothes in the washing basket. Add that with a boyfriend who likes to confirm washing is 'dirty' after wearing it to a 2 hour parental class and you're faced with even more washing and ironing to do than you should be!

Day2 Sprays are the world's first dry wash spray for clothes and I can't believe it has taken 2019 years for the world to invent a god send like this. The Day2 sprays pretty much work in the same way as dry shampoo does on your hair. What do you do when you can't be bothered to wash your day 3 hair, have no time or the hot water has gone off? You reach for the dry shampoo and don't look back!

The inventors of Day2 researched into the average household wash and discovered that 40% of clothes we fling into the laundry basket or onto our 'chairdrobe' or 'floordrobe' are actually not dirty at all. Darling boyfriend of mine, if you're reading this, I am looking at you.

Day2 sprays simply allow you to revive these clothes with a quick spray and smooth out of the fabric. I will admit, I was rather sceptical and was in slight disbelief that something like this could ever work. Hell yeah, it might make clothes smell nice again, but could a spray really remove crumples and creases?

The answer is simply, yes!

I tried it out on several of Ricky's t-shirts using the Original Day2 Spray. However, there's also spray options for Delicates and Denim! The instructions say to distribute the spray evenly over the garment, smooth out with your hands and then hang up to set for 15 minutes.

I found it worked particularly well at clothes that needed a little bit of a freshen up, but a little more TLC was required for those crumpled cotton t-shirts that crave an iron so bad. However, I did find that spraying and smoothing out both the front AND back of the t-shirt gave it an extra bit of love. So much so, Ricky wore one of the t-shirts I had worked on after 15-20 minutes of it hanging on a door to set. 

The Day2 Delicates Spray work great on knitwear or any kind of garment that requires extra TLC like cashmere. As for the denim spray, I literally never iron jeans as I find the creases disappear one you put jeans on. However, after a few wears, they can look a little stretched out and crumpled... but are literally still clean to wear.  So, I found the Day2 Denim Spray works particularly well at freshening jeans up and making them smell and feel like they have just been washed! It also claims to prevent fading!

The full range of Day2 sprays are now available online (with free shipping included!), at Wilkinsons, Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon. The full size 200ml bottle is RRP £7.50 and the handy 75ml travel size bottle is RRP £4.00, which I imagine is really handy in a gym bag!

Disclaimer: PR samples - all words, opinions and photographs are my own. 

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