It's no secret that running a car is one of the most expensive things to own and run. It's one of the main reasons that I don't drive, but I know from experience of my partner having a car, that the metal box with four wheels he drives around in, can eat up his wallet.

I sat down with my partner to chat about his driving experience of around 13 years and what he thinks about the expenses that come with it. His first car was a very common and typical second hand car. He then decided to buy a brand new car which was an expensive purchase at the beginning, but worked out cheaper in the long run.

Whilst it can seem cheap to buy a second hand car for a couple of thousand off the internet, it can end up costing you a whole load more in the long run. Cars are like people; the older the get, the quicker they slow down. It may be cheaper to save your money for something newer or to even take out a brand new car on finance and avoid second or third hand cars altogether. Whilst those car dealerships can suck you in, sometimes it is best to walk past and leave them. With brand new cars, you can guarantees.

As a safety precaution, you are supposed to check your tyres every time before you drive. However, in most cases we don't. If you notice that a particular or more than one tyre is slowly deflating, you should take it a tyre garage to get repaired. It's much cheaper to pay out for a repair cost than what it is to buy a brand new tyre to replace.

Car insurance is one of the dreaded things to pay that come with owning a car. It can be easy to go with any company, but it is best to use comparison sites and speak to several insurance firms to find the best quote for you. There's special car insurance packages out there for new drivers, 18-25s and female drivers. Taking an extra day or two to research good deals could save you a lot of money.

We all get sucked in at the supermarket or in shopping mall car parks when there's a group of men advertising to do car washes for £10 whilst you shop. In addition, they can hoover and valet the inside for an additional £5. For the average person who likes to keep their car tidy, you would be looking at spending a LOT of money in a year on something that you can do yourself one weekend at home.

Finally, we would all love to drive a car that runs perfectly in every way from the day you purchase to the day you scrap it for something newer. However, things can happen along the way. Whether it's hitting a pot hole in the road, scraping against a curb or an un-insured driver may hit you; these are all things that will burn a hole in pocket.  My partner highly advises that every car driver should put some money away every month for car related emergencies like this.

If you are in need of spare parts for your car, then visit KAP Motors for genuine spare parts. It is always better to shop around for parts that your car may need, rather than giving up on it and buying a new car altogether. Whether it is a new engine or light replacements; this is a great place to get any parts you may need.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with KAP Motors. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 

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