Shoreditch is now the place to go, the place to be and the place to live. It actually happens that I grew up in Shoreditch and it never used to be the trendy hip place that it now is. So, if you haven't experienced this area of East London, then here's some places worth visiting which make the trip well worth it. You could even make a weekend of exploring and look at hotels in Shoreditch.

The Street Art

Shoreditch is well known for its street art - including works by Banksy and Space Invader dotted around. It makes the perfect afternoon tour on the way to lunch or dinner and makes an even more interesting background for street photography or Instagram snaps.

I tend to head down to Shoreditch quite often to snap some new photographs and as you can see, the backgrounds really do make some interesting photos.

The Street Food

Eat at the many restaurants dotted round Shoreditch and you will be set for some truly good food. Choose from sit down restaurants or there's the glorious street food stalls down the road in Brick Lane. If you fancy staying in the more Shoreditch end of things, you may want to check out Box Park which has some truly fabulous pop up restaurants.

I recently ate at Giraffe in Spitalfields Market which was my first time and it did not disappoint. There's even a seating area outside if you fancy eating and drinking in the sun.

You could even head over to the famous Pizza East which I have also reviewed before. Prepare for the best pizza in London town!

Grab a bagel

It wouldn't be a true trip to Shoreditch or Brick Lane if you didn't pick up a salt beef bagel! Head to the main road that joins Shoreditch and the end of Brick Lane and you will find the famous bagel shop that is open till early hours too!

Day or night; there is always something to do in Shoreditch! Where is Shoreditch going to take you?

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  1. It sounds like there are some amazing places to go and visit in Shoreditch! I love the street art - some people are just so talented with the things they paint.

  2. When I go to Shoreditch it's mainly about the food as there are a few street food markets which I love including Dinerama and those at Spitalfields market x

  3. I don't really venture there often myself. I'd love to go and try some of the street food there, yum!

  4. Shoreditch sounds so cool, I would love to visit the place. The street art looks amazing and I would love to photograph it.

  5. I've not been to Shoreditch before but I'd go just to see the street art! :D

  6. I have never been to Shoreditch - in fact I need to explore London more

  7. I love Shoreditch, especially at the weekend as it can be pretty quiet. Love having a mooch round Spitalfields :)

  8. Shoreditch is indeed a good place to visit. I remember my last visit there was awesome!

  9. I am a huge fan of bagels, they’re so good! I remember getting some delivered from Deliveroo when I was staying in London and it was amazing! The street art looks gorgeous too :)


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