Traveling with your girls will definitely bounce you back to your usual perky self as well as bring a much-needed motivation into your life. Girls squad trips always rock! There is always a time when everyone wants to escape to the everyday routine of life and head out for a change. Spending time with friends is very precious time and after, you'll appreciate them a whole lot more.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is a fabulous destination to visit with your friends. It has a popular cruise-ship stop and the city has a hilly landscape. Nassau is best known for its white sandy beaches, as well as its offshore coral reefs; popular for diving and snorkelling. Nassau vacation rentals can give everyone an easy, comfortable and peaceful place to stay.

Finding a good place and spending quality time with each other, Nassau is one of the best place for girl’s vacations; with a huge number of friend groups also travelling there.

Visit the beaches

Nassau beaches will never disappointed you. Simply spread your towel and glaze out lovingly at the iridescent aqua water. After, you can visit the Atlantis Resort on paradise island, with its 11 pools, water park, 21 restaurants, bars, and casino. Atlantis is home to the “leap of faith”. There are different beaches that are located in Nassau where you can enjoy with your friends. Choose from: Cabbage Beach, Paradise Beach, Cable Beach, Delaporte Beach, Saunders Beach, and Sandyport Beach. All beaches are easily accessible via taxi and bus and are all simply gorgeous!

Climb the Queen’s stairs

Climb all 66 steps connecting Fort Fincastle to downtown Nassau and you will be moved by the sweat and labor it took to make. Go back in time to when the slaves carved the 600-foot-tall Queen’s Staircase out of solid limestone. The stairs were later named in honor of Queen Victoria. The steps are steep and straight, but not overly challenging. The Queen’s staircase is located in central Nassau, just a short walk from the city harbor. A road leads to its summit, so those unable to climb the steps will still have an opportunity to take in the views from Bennet’s Hill. The stairs are open daily.

Play at the Aquaventure Waterpark

The Atlantis’ Aquaventure  Park is super cool with its lost world theming and super swirly waterslides. A limited number of day passes to the waterpark are also available, so is great for visiting in groups! It features more than 20 swimming areas spread across 11 different pools. It also caters to an adult market with waterside DJs’ gaming and bars water slides being scattered throughout the park. 

Soak up some sun with a drink in your hand at the multi-level adults only swimming pool. Aquaventure is located on Paradise Island, which is just offshore from the capital city of Nassau. The admission to Aquaventure is free for Atlantis guests, but non-resort guests can purchase day passes online. Enjoy the special experience of swimming alongside the local marine life in many of the pools. Grab a tube to float along the “lazy river” that runs throughout the park. 

Go scuba diving

If you are with your friends in Nassau, then don't forget to take a scuba diving trip! If you don't know how to scuba dive, why not take a quick lesson beforehand? Take your friends on a side adventure to explore the undersea marine life of Atlantis. This activity blends the simplicity of snorkelling with the wonders of breathing underwater.

Spa party

Go get pampered in paradise! Head to the spa and enjoy your holiday on a high level go for minis, pedis pink robes and more for a truly royal treatment. So, it’s only fitting that one of the most relaxing places in the world offers a variety of ways to help rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. You’ll find the indoor and outdoor spas offering treatments and wellness activities for all.

Night Life

When you are with your friends then don't forget to party at least once! The night starts when the moon arrives in the sky. Enjoy their traditional music in quaint bars, the latest sounds in city-style nightclubs or try your hand in a casino. On the outer islands, you could simply sit on a beach and watch a bonfire under the full moon.

Shopping Till You Drop 

It is impossible that you don't go shopping when on holiday. No single woman can survive without doing shopping! Buying clothes, shoes, bags and makeup is the key to a smile on a girls' face. In Nassau they are many shopping places where you enjoy shopping from open-air markets to straw vendors and large retail centres, The Bahamas offers a unique authentic product that  reflects their heritage, creativity and passion. 

The number one important thing to do when on any holiday is to have fun. However, you will have a bonus fun if you do any of the above and it's to no surprise why. Who wouldn't love sunbathing on the beaches and shopping in paradise? However, if you and friends are more of a lively bunch, then how great would it to be to hit the dance floor in the Bahamas? You don't even have to wear heels. Slip on your favourite pair of flip flops and party like nobody's watching!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Luxury Retreats. 

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