Named as one of the most idyllic cities to live, Budapest offers more than just a locations for that unforgettable last night of freedom.With architecture to rival, the likes of Rome and Paris, and cultural hot-spots such as the Szechenyi Baths and the city park, it is easy to see why it is one of the top destinations for city breaks. Before you jet off to the Hungarian capital, get these best kept secrets on your itinerary and experience the best of Budapest.

 For Sale Pub

A quirky favourite of travellers and locals alike, the For Sale Pub offers unique surroundings for their patrons. As the name suggests, customers can drink and place personal advertisements on the walls along with drawings, business cards and notes for others to read through and appreciate. But apart from leaving your mark in the pub you will be able to appreciate the fine cuisine and famous Hungarian hospitality.

KonyV Bar and Restaurant

One for the literary buffs out there, this restaurant has a truly distinctive way on dining and a way to change up what it has to offer. Each week the restaurant selects a novel, a classic or something new, and bases their entire menu on it, including drinks and deserts. For example, the restaurant previously based their menu on The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. Dishes available were ‘royal pheasant broth’ and ‘rich and poor’ coffee chocolate cake. This truly ‘novel’ idea is something you have to experience first-hand. 

Veli Bej

The ‘City of Baths’ are over-following with thermal pools including the popular Gellert spa, Szechenyi and Lukacs baths. But one that most don’t know about is off-the beaten track and you won’t find many tourists here. Veli Bej, unlike its counterparts, is a small, yet cosy baths which offer everything you would find at the better known baths and more. Despite being from the 16th century, the baths are a local favourite and somewhere you should try if you want to avoid those annoying tourists. 

Red Ruin

Unlike other Soviet Bloc countries, Budapest certainly has a good sense of humour when it comes to poking fun at its rocky communist past. Nestled within an ancient looking façade, Red Ruin bar embodies this humour – with murals of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong on the wall, wearing birthday hats and having a super-fun “communist party.”

past, brave visitors can take part in a nuclear readiness test so see how you would fare when the bombs drop. 

Szimpla Kert Farmer’s Market

If you come to Budapest and you don’t visit Szimpla Kert ruin bar - you’re doing it wrong. This is a huge, well known pub with quirky, mismatched furniture including sawn-off Trabant cars and even an open air cinema. But, less well known, Szimpla Kert hosts a traditional farmers’ market every Sunday morning, with locally produced, healthy, farm-fresh and home-grown salami, homemade syrup, jams and other delicacies on offer for bargain prices. Perfect for them hangover snacks if you’ve been out the night before. 

Budapest to me looks like the perfect city break - whether it's for a hen/stag do, or even as just a quick get away! Are you planning a stag or hen do to Budapest? Get in touch with Last Night of Freedom for that weekend to remember!


  1. Can't beleive you've managed to find these super cool places in Budapest. A couple of my friends are having their hen do and I am totally going to suggest these spots to them.

  2. I love the sound of the City of Baths - how relaxing would that be?!

  3. Oh wow I would like to visit Budapest but even more now I would actually love to go to the For Sale pub I think I could spend hours reading them well the ones in English haha

  4. The for sale pub sounds amazing! I would love to go in and read all the personal notes and advertisements, never heard of anything like that before x

  5. Budapest sounds and looks like a lovely place to visit especially the city of baths 😊

  6. Budapest looks like a very interesting place to visit. Not sure I could leave Veli Bej

  7. I've never been to Budapest but have always always fancied it. The For Sale pub looks well up my street, I love anything quirky! x

  8. Eeep KonyV Bar and Restaurant sounds like it would be just perfect for me since I write about literary travel! Will be adding that to my bucket list :D


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