The beautiful Ariana Grande has just launched a limited edition rendition of her fragrance, Sweet Like Candy. I've never smelt the original ARI fragrance, but this is new and improved and it really has had a true makeover.

Sweet like Candy is now available in a brand new red-hot design. The iconic multi-faceted gem-like bottle has been slightly redesigned - with a striking, matte red overall design. It includes a sleek, silver cap and Ariana Grande's name engraved just below. The new design finishes with a super cute red pom pom. It really is SO Ariana, but so very Ashleigh too!

Sweet Like Candy really does live up to its name. The original scent has been improved on a whole new level; going from fruity, to floral, to flirty. Its top notes bursts with a mix of delicious fruits, such as red berries and pear. The heart notes are very irresistible; with jasmine and dewy honeysuckle to name a few. It's a very flirty scent; combining its dry down notes of sensual musks; including  that of alluring liquid amber and fluffy marshmallows.

It's a great scent for any occasion and you can't really go wrong with it. I instantly feel happy and ready to start my day productively when I spray this.  For duration, I wouldn't say it lasts all day (how many perfumes do though?). However, it's a great one for date nights or shopping with the girls; or to pop into your handbag for top ups during the day. I mean who wouldn't want to pull this incredibly cute bottle out of their bag?!

I wasn't sure if this would be really sweet and end up reminding me of the Britney Spears scents that I used to wear when I was 13 (cringe). However, it's really surprised me and I definitely recommend smelling a sample if you can. It's a great one for any Ariana fans out there or anyone who likes a sweet and sensual scent.

The Limited Edition Sweet Like Candy is available from Superdrug and is priced at £30.

Disclaimer: PR sample. All words and photographs are my own. 


  1. I liked what I smelled when I took a sample sniff!

    Arden | HELLO ARDEN

  2. I'm usually not a big fan of celebrity fragrances, but this does sound lovely!

    Sara - Flemingo

  3. It sounds nice.. the bottle is definitely unique.

  4. That bottle looks insane!! x


  5. I absolutely love the bottle and the fragrance sounds lovely. I'll look out for it to give it a try.

  6. I had no idea she did fragrances, but this look lovely and sounds like ti would smell delicious! x

  7. This sounds so gorgeous, I love the red bottle design! Such a lovely review, I'm longing to try :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

  8. The bottle is very cute! £30 isn't a bad price either.

  9. I love the sound of this, such a beautiful design as well x

  10. I have managed to smell this and I really liked it, but had expected not too x

  11. I'm awful for buying s fragrence just because it has a great bottle, and this is a great bottle! Good to know it smells nice too!

  12. This sounds like a lovely fragrance and comes in such a cool looking bottle too!

  13. I love Ariana Grande and I love fragrances so I'm willing to give this one a try! I love the design the bottle too!


  14. I'm almost tempted into getting this just for the matte red bottle alone! Celebrity perfumes usually give me a headache (those Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ones left me with a throbbing head for the whole of high school) as they always seem to smell a little too artificial but this perfume actually sounds ok. I'll have to make sure to smell it next time I'm on the hunt for a new scent.

  15. Looks like I need to check this out! I really love the red bottle, too! Double bonus!


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