Dress: Primark 
Sandals c/o EGO Shoes

Window shopping is one of my favourite least-favourite things to do. I had seen this dress in Primark for weeks and loved the look of it, but never picked it up. Of course, I touched it (a lot of times) and planned days in my head when I could wear it, but I didn't take full advantage of a relationship with this dress until the weekend before I jetted off to Croatia.

As soon as I stepped into Primark, I was on a hunt for it. Imagine my sadness when I couldn't find it. Then imagine my happy face when I finally found it hidden behind a similar-but-not-quite-the-same dress. Hooray!

I had to have it. I had to go in for the kill and make it mine, oh mine.

Before I knew it, it was in my paper Primark bag and well on its way back to mine. I promise I don't usually hook up this quick.

With its off the shoulder fit and slight smock dress fit, it's been the perfect dress for these long summer days and evenings. Red is one of my favourite colours to wear as a blondie, so it was inevitable that I would eventually cave in and buy it. Not to mention, it was only £6!

Anyway. How beautiful are the sandals? Can we just take a good ten seconds to appreciate how incredibly tacky, OTT and snazzy they are? With aztec style straps and decorated with different coloured pom poms, beads; they tie up around your leg with jazzy tassels to finish. 

I was super excited to be jetting off to Croatia with three pairs of EGO shoes in my suitcase. Definitely one of my favourite shoe collaborations of all time...  and there's been a lot of shoes featured on this blog in 7 years! 

These are the Saskia sandals but sadly seem to be out of stock now. Darn it! However, EGO do have an amazing sale on right now. So, be quick!

Disclaimer: Post contains PR samples. 


  1. I loooove those shoes omg 😍 And red is such a beautiful colour, I'm so glad it's so fashionable atm!

    1. Thanks Chloe! Me too, I have so much red in my wardrobe right now!

  2. I want/need that red dress! And the sandals are pretty cute too!



  3. The pom pom trend is such an awesome one and these sandals are so cute x

  4. I'm loving red at the moment too ♥️ Just done a Red & Stripe blog on - will have to pop in to get this dress! X

  5. Hey babe!! =)
    Loving this dress on you! it looks stunning! And those shoes! :O Oh my!!! So crazy but so cool at the same time! haha! Definitely worth hunting it down in Primarni! hehe! =) You look so relaxed in this picture Ashleigh.....hope you had a wonderful holiday! xoxo

  6. Love this dress so much! You look stunning, Ashleigh! xx

  7. Love the look of them sandles. That dress looks fab on you, glad u managed to find it for your holiday.

  8. The dress is beautiful and it looks amazing on you; I can see why you fell in love with it!
    If I saw someone wearing those shoes I'd probably ask them where they got them from, they're so wonderfully random.

  9. Ahh, this entire outfit is beautiful! You look beautiful! I love the dress, I wish I had a bit of spare cash because I could really do with a bit of a Primark shopping spree, and those sandals are beautiful...they definitely look better when they're being worn though!

  10. These photographs are lovely - I love the colour of the dress and the sandals are super cute.

  11. There is absolutely nothing not to love here! Sandals are fabulous and I love the dress!

  12. The red dress is a stunning colour and design on you. I'm not a sandal person but the look compliments well and is perfect for a summer holiday.

  13. I love your red dress! It's so pretty and really suits you. I love the pom pom sandals too, I picked up a top the other day that also had pom poms on :)

  14. That dress is so cute, I'd definitely have that packed in my holiday suitcase

  15. omg this red dress is summer perfection and so are the sandals, enjoy croatia!


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