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You just don’t feel like doing anything in the summer, do you? It’s too hot and sticky and you are sweating profusely, so just imagine wearing a fur coat on top of it all.

Those with dogs will understand that no matter how hard you are finding it to cope in the sheer heat of summer, it is twice as bad for them. Some breeds cope better than others; with small-nosed dogs such as pugs and bulldogs most prone to overheating. They have trouble panting, which puts them more at risk of heat exhaustion.

In order to cope with the rising temperatures, we have to make certain allowances to make sure our furry friends are as comfortable as possible. Below is a checklist that dog owners can follow to ensure our gorgeous, furry pets stay healthy this summer.

Water, Water, Water

Just as we are told to stay hydrated in the summer, the same goes for dogs; but they cannot run the tap when their bowl is empty. Dog owners should keep an eye on water levels, so as to make sure their dog is never out of water to drink.

Dogs will consume more water during these months and will require several refills a day. This could mean possibly asking if a friend or family member can check in if you are ever out to supply more water if it runs out.


This really shouldn’t have to be said, but it really is vitally important. Ventilate any space that your dog will be in, especially if they are sat in a car. Make sure to wind down those windows!

If you have to leave the dog home alone, you obviously cannot leave the doors and windows wide open. In this case, invest in a good air conditioning unit that will cool the air. Fans will only circulate hot air which won’t do much for keeping the room temperature down; especially with the absence of fresh air.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Long walks will be out of the question with the sun blaring down, but they will still need some form of exercise. Short walks early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are at their coolest, are ideal.

You should always take precautions to ensure that your dog can be found should the worst happen, but this necessity is heightened in the heat. Rogue dogs are most at risk of heat exhaustion, as they do not have immediate access to water. Make sure that there is some way that you can be reunited easily if they do run off with a pet tag consisting of contact details. some good examples can be found by visiting this website.

Dogs and Children

The one thing that dogs and children have in common is that they love to play and, mix the two together; you have the best playmates in the world. However, this can do more harm than good for your dog in high temperatures, as they use too much energy too quickly when it is best for them to take things easy.

Children may not understand this and will look to play with their best friend at any given opportunity. They love them, but try and limit this by explaining to kids that dogs will be best left to staying calm rather than getting overexcited and increasing their body temperature higher than it already is.

The most important thing for dog owners to do is to make sure that their pets are as comfortable as possible. Make up a cool spot for dogs to retreat to that is out of the sun and keep their water levels up, which will ensure they stay healthy this summer.

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  1. It's awful the amount of dogs I see locked in cars. Some great tips x

    1. It's so bad! I've never seen this for myself, but I'd definitely smash windows to save a distressed dog!

  2. Some great tips here for dog owners! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It still baffles me how stupid some pet owners are at time and posts like this a timely reminder x

  4. I've never really thought about pets over heating in the summer before.

  5. I am so glad I've seen this! It's so important to keep our furry friends hydrated and look after them in this heat!!
    Love Sian

  6. It's so important to look after our pooches. Ours really is my little boy's best friend!

  7. I hate seeing dogs in cars on hot days, it's so incredibly sad :( we don't have dogs but cats and they are just like my children. Great post x

  8. Anonymous12/7/17

    Ventilation when in the car is a must! I've seen too many people leave pets in the car with the windows closed on really hot days...

  9. It always amazes me when you see people leaving their dogs in a car or taking them out for a walk when it's too hot. We always make sure we have a bottle of water with us so Willow can have a drink when out x

  10. There's been a lot of posts on facebook lately about dogs burning their paws on hot pavements, too :( My dog is drinking ridiculous amounts at the moment, bless him! ♥


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