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I think you realise before long, how important it is to figure out what hairstyle will look best on you. Whether you rock a long or short bob, pixie cut, long layers, shoulder length hair updos or braids; sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choice.

You may even change your hair style frequently to look extravagant, different and on trend. However, if you feel confident and comfortable with your hair, you're almost guaranteed to keep it for a lot longer than you usually would.

Sometimes it can be a bad idea to follow trends or copy the hair style that your favourite celebrity has. How many times have you been to the hair salon and asked the hairdresser to cut in a style that you've seen in a popular fashion magazine? I know I am certainly guilty! If it doesn't suit your face shape, it can look awful and result in you hating your hair more than ever. A suitable hair cut needs to fit the face shape, hair texture and be comfortable to wear in everyday life.

So, here is a small guide on what hair style is best for you depending on the face shape that you have.

Oval Shape Face

Any hairstyle will suit this girl, as an oval face usually has a great bone structure. All you need is to decide on how to highlight your look with a fresh, new cut. I think among a huge choice of hair cut styles, an A-line 'bob' or pixie cut and side-swept bangs fit brilliantly on an oval face.

Round Shape Face

A round face commonly features a wider forehead, chin and slightly wider cheek bones. It's said you should avoid one length hair cuts and pay more attention to styles, such as long layered bobs or styles that have mid length cut hair. These types of haircuts will elongate your face and make it appear more oval shaped. A side fringe will also flatter your features and curly/wavy hair will always suit your face shape too.

Heart Shape Face

Avoid slicked back and choppy, layered hair cuts, pony tails and braids. The best hair cut for a heart shaped face is a short one. Finish by cutting in a brow-skimming or side swept fringe to emphasise your eyes.

Square Shape Face

Any hair cut that has asymmetrical or graduated layers is best for you; with a particular favourite being that of the angled cut bob. Don't be afraid to experiment with sleek pony tails and buns too!

Long Shape Face

If you have a longer shaped face, chin length hair styles are best for you. They create the illusion of width to your face. Longer hair cuts will elongate your face even more.

The most important thing of all is to feel comfortable and confident with your hair when you look in the mirror. If in doubt, have a chat with your hair dresser who will be able to recommend some hair styles that really suit your face shape.

Disclaimer: Guest Post. 


  1. I think I have a heart shaped face... not really too sure. I have quite long hair, but I like the idea of having shoulder length hair. I also like the idea of having a fringe cut in but I'm not brave enough!

  2. Interesting read, thank you. I have a heart shaped face but don't think I have the guts to go short, we'll see.

    Ami xxx

  3. I've had many styles over the years and have never really considered my face shape I go with what I like and touch wood I've always liked the results. These days I tend to leave it to my hair dresser to do more or less what she wants

  4. This is a really useful post. Thanks for sharing . Now I know the best cut for my faceshape and it's perfect timing as I want to go to the hairdressers soon!

  5. What a great post, I worked as a hairdresser for many years and styles definitely suit some face shapes better than others.

  6. This is really interesting, I have to admit I normally just trim my hair myself (whoops!) I should really look at getting it sorted properly.

  7. I have a long face. Went for a shorter cut than usual this weekend. This post would have come in handy!

  8. I never know what shape face I have, it tends to change. I do have chubby cheeks though LOL

  9. This is interesting I'm getting a bit bored of my hair style so it's great info to give me an idea what will suit me.

  10. Great post! I have a round shaped face I think I look better with shorter hair.

  11. You definitely need to feel comfortable with your hair style otherwise it can really affect your confidence. I am not sure what shape my face is

  12. This is such a great post and has come at a convenient time as I've been toying with changing my hairstyle for ages but don't know what to go for. I have a round face and my hair is too long and all the layers have grown out so I'll need to change it up drastically!

  13. I am actually thinking to change my hair cut and this post is really helpful. Thank you


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