Orange Eye Makeup

My everyday makeup always involves an orange/brown eye. I think orange really compliments my green eyes, so it's a rarity that I ever change colours now.

Orange is also a fabulous colour for summer and suits most skin tones and eye colours. Finish with a golden highlight on the brow bone and dusting in the inner corners of the eyes; and you'll dazzle everyone with your peachy eyes.

Sheet Masks

Even though they are utterly terrifying when applied, sheet masks are definitely something I have grown to love this year especially. I try to use a face mask at least once a week, but do tend to try more sheet masks than anything else.

I have generally quite clear and healthy skin, but do like to treat myself to products that claim to brighten the skin's complexion. I'm not a huge fan of peel off masks as I find them get stuck in my hair and are a chore to remove. However, sheet masks allow the moisture to soak into the skin and the mask can be removed and thrown away immediately.

Sheet masks are available almost anywhere that stocks skincare and makeup productsEllisons is a great website for all beauty professionals needs. From beauty products like waxing kits or a couch roll, you'll find pretty much everything you could ever need for your beauty treatments.

French Plait Pigtails

This was the hairstyle I would rock every day when at school and I am so glad it's become the number one beauty hair trend recently. Not only does it look amazingly pretty, it's also effortless. Plaits can be difficult to achieve at first, but practice makes perfect. Once you have mastered the technique of a french plait, you can try out different directions and styles.


Microblading is the 'tattooing' of brows - either making yours look fuller or shaping them completely. Fine hair like lines are created with a hand held tool with a sharp nib at the end and the technique involves drawing on each 'hair' one by one.

I was first introduced to Microblading when I worked in Beauty PR. Blessed with dark and full brows, it's not a beauty treatment I will ever need. However, I was always stunned by the before and after results that I would see. Results last for around a year and then you'll need a top up. The perfect beauty treatment for women with thin or shapeless brows. Or maybe you're just sick and tired of filling yours in!

Fake Tanning

I remember the days when I would never touch fake tan and then I started a blog and you end up trying all kinds of new products. 

I have been especially obsessed with applying tan for golden and healthy looking skin all of this year. I love to try as many new products as possible in order to try and find one that answers all of my prayers. Having a tan for me, makes me feel much more confident in my skin and I just feel like I look a whole lot better when I look like I've been sunning it up in the Caribbean! 

What beauty trends are you loving at the moment? There's always new ones being introduced, but these are the 5 I am loving so far!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Ellisons. All words are my own. Photographs are from Pinterest. 


  1. French plaits are my go to if I want my hair to look stylish but need it out of my face. I love the orange eye make up but I do think it works best for those with green or hazel eyes; not sure it would work with my blue eyes.

  2. I am loving the sheet mask trend, they are just so simple to use and I make such a mess with other kinds.

  3. I love the sheet mask trend to, it's so quick and easy and I love that I can just take it off and throw it away. I'm a big fan of French plaits too...but I can't do them so get my daughter to do it for me haha.

  4. Sheet masks are great as they're so quick and easy to use, I do quite like orange shades too as they're a more summery neutral shade x

  5. I love french plaits too and I can do them on others just not myself! It's so hard!

  6. I am considering the microblading thing and I am loving the idea of it. Having pigtails once in a while is a way to restyle myself.

  7. I really need to try out orange eye-shadow, I also have green eyes!

  8. I love the french plait trend, it is so gorgeous and I wish I knew how to make it! :)

  9. Sheet masks are my favourite pamper tool, plus fake tanning, I always feel great with an added glow x

  10. I love sheet masks. I prefer them to any of the other type. I really want to try the orange eye look but I am so unconfident with my makeup I just stick to what I know, I may try it one day when I am not going out xx


  11. I would love to be able to do a French plait but it's something I have never mastered. One day...

  12. I love to use a sheet mask too, so lovely to have a little pamper once in a while!

  13. Fake tanning isn't my cup of tea but I do love a good sheet mask. I like the Tony Moly ones in particular.

  14. Love the pigtails but not sure if the orange eye make up would suit me. Falst tanning I love...but again not too orange :)x

  15. I agree with the orange eye make up, it looks so fiery and stunning!



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