Despite living in London for my whole life, I have never adventured much around South London. When I was invited along to review dinner at The Devonshire in Balham, I thought it would be a great chance to explore a new area.

I went along with one very hungry mother and travelled over an hour from one side of London to the other for our 6pm table booking. We had a little mooch around Balham beforehand and I fell in love with the area. From quirky little restaurants and a very long high street full of many shops, Balham has so much to offer for its residents and visitors. I ended up having a browse in a few different charity shops (my guilty pleasure), so by the time 6pm came around, I was also rather famished. 

The Devonshire is a recently opened new pub on Balham High Road. Its exterior sits on the corner, tall and blue; with a few pub benches outside. Upon our arrival, a few people were enjoying a drink over the celebration of a Friday afternoon and the beginning of another weekend.

The Devonshire
39 Balham High Road
SW12 9AN

Once inside, we was in the main room with the pub, which is aligned with sofas and leather chairs of all different shapes and styles. Chandeliers hang from high ceilings with an empty and slightly eerie feel. The evening's sunset powers through the high street side's windows and pours across the wooden floors of the pub; hitting the dust in the air. The beautiful type.

We was soon greeted by someone who seated us at a table and presented us with menus and a drinks menu. The menu is somewhat typical of a pub, but should not be judged to have the same taste or be presented in the same way.  The Spring menu has something for everyone and didn't disappoint at all.

For starter, I went for the Pressed Dorset lamb shoulder, with capers, pistachio, pickles and toasted sourdough bread with yoghurt dressing. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was delicious. Lamb is a meat I never usually order, but I do try to order things at restaurant reviews that I wouldn't normally go for. I surprised myself because it turns out that I like lamb a lot more than I thought. The sourdough bread was a brilliant accompaniment; as was the yoghurt as a dressing. 

My mum ordered the grilled asparagus, with chorizo and a fresh scotch egg with lemon dressing. A big fan of asparagus and egg themselves, this was a perfect dish for her. The asparagus was cooked to perfection; not too soft and not too hard to cut through. With fresh chorizo and a traditional scotch egg with the yolk still intact inside; this is a fantastic dish for anyone who enjoys these three foods in particular. 

In the midst of eating clean, I decided to behave slightly and order the Goats curd marinated chicken, with mixed beans, rocket, pomegranate, toasted coconut salad and finished with dill cream. I was surprised again at how much I enjoyed this - not being sure before hand if the goats curd would be a bit too milky for me. The chicken was cooked to perfection; moist and juicy inside with a beautifully marinated skin on the outside. Placed on top of a bed of edamame and green beans; this was the perfect main meal for me. 

Mother decided to bring out her British traits and ordered the Pale Ale battered cod, with hand cut chips minted mushy peas; and tartare sauce on the side. The cod was cooked perfectly and the batter was fresh and not too greasy or soggy. The handout chips were freshly cooked too and piping hot upon serving; just how chips should be. 

My eating clean regime didn't last for long. As soon as the host brought over the dessert menu and I saw my all time favourite, I just couldn't resist. 

Here I introduce to you the dark chocolate peanut butter brownie with currants and vanilla ice cream. Deliciously sickly but utterly recommendable. 

Mum went for the Lemon curd tart. A classic and usual choice for her and one that never seems to disappoint. Together with the tart itself and crushed meringue ice-cream, this was a citrus delight for a lemon lover. 

I can't fault anything about the food at this place. We both left with very positive thoughts and already want to return soon; particularly for a Sunday roast, which are said to be amazing. 

I highly recommend The Devonshire as the perfect place to unwind after work or at the weekend. When you've got great food, amazing company and an array of different drinks available; is there any better place to be?

Disclaimer: A complimentary meal for 2 was offered in exchange for an honest review on my blog. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. Looks deliciously fantabulous and all things epic! Just my kind of place and now I need that asparagus - it has really put me in the mood!

  2. Oh wow I Love the interior of this pub, really stylish and the food looks amazing, especially the desserts. This would make a great place for a date night

    Laura x

  3. Looks like a great place where good food is served :)

  4. Oh wow the food there looks amazing. I love your photos they have come out beautifully and everything looks amazing. I must try and visit if I'm n the area.

  5. Balham is a lovely area and has some great shops. I like the sound of that lemon tart! x

  6. What delicous looking food I don't think ive ever been to that area I very rarely visit London though tbh.

  7. Aw, it looks really atmospheric, I'm glad you had a great time! :) x

  8. I love the style of this place and how it is so open, the food looks gorgeous too. I'll remember this for next time I'm in south London

  9. Never been in that part of London either but after seeing your post I feel like going there, mainly so I can eat the dessert - I mean, that is like a piece of art??? <3

  10. OK I now totally want to go there and eat everything! I love a 'posh pub', lush.

  11. This looks like a cool pub and the menu is very well served and presented.

  12. Such a lovely looking place, very welcoming. The food looks amazing, and really nice quality.

  13. I Love the rustic feel to it. Even the food looks rustic, but in a good way

  14. I love the rustic and holly feel to the place and the fish and chips and brownie would certianly be something I would order and no doubt enjoy!

  15. The food here looks amazing!! In fact I don't think there's a thing here I wouldn't eat - the lab shoulder wouldn't normally be my thing either, but it looks delicious! X

  16. The food looks amazing, it looks like a traditional Dorset pub too pl


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