Would you believe that I had silver hair on and off with crazy colours for 3 years? Crazy! It was definitely time for a change and I felt like having something a little different this time.

I was kindly invited along to the Jamie Stevens hair salon in London to have my hair done by an angel called Ashleigh Hodges. I had heard many good things about her as she's in high demand, award winning and is even a part of the hair team for TV show, The Voice.

I had a skin test the week before my hair appointment to make sure I didn't react to the dye. I then had a consultation with Ashleigh about what kind of style I wanted. I knew in my heart that I wanted to stay blonde, but I really wanted to tone the colour down. I showed Ashleigh some photos for reference and couldn't wait to return the following week for my transformation.

Jamie Stevens Salon
9 Russell Gardens
W14 8EZ

My hair grows incredibly fast (I guess I am blessed!), so my roots would need re-doing every 6 weeks. I could sometimes go longer, but would feel really unhappy with the block of dark roots against the rest of my white hair. 

This was how my hair was looking before my treatment started. As you can see, it was very white, with outgrown roots and was looking extremely unhappy. 

The following Friday was my appointment and I couldn't have been more excited for a complete change! 

Ashleigh put fine baby lights through my parting and lightened my neutral regrowth my one shade. This was left to develop for fifteen minutes. It's barely noticeable as my roots are very dark. As it grows out, my roots will stay dark and blend softly. This is something that was really essential for me for my new look.

Ashleigh then in with a hair colour primer called Matrix Colour Sync and blended my regrowth colour down to a much softer brown. As requested, Ashleigh kept my blonde (so I can still do temporary crazy colours when I fancy!), but toned it down to a much creamier blonde. In all of the colour changes, Ashleigh used Matrix Bond Ultimate to try and nurse back three years of over processed blonde hair. 

This was left on a short while to develop and then it was time to wash everything out and condition. Ashleigh used a gloss to blend the brown and blonde shades together and rinsed everything off with Biolage New RAW Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. This sealed my hair and left it feeling super soft, silky and like hair should feel.

I am trying to grow my hair now (I haven't had super long locks in years!), so I didn't want to have too much hair chopped off. However, I know I was carrying around dead hair, so a good hair cut was very much needed. 

Ashleigh cut away about 2.5 inches of my hair and shaped it to a style that suits me. Due to over processing my hair, I had a lot of broken hair around the front of my face. Ashleigh worked with this and cut it into a style that looks natural with the rest of my hair. Incredible.

Finishing off with a brand new product from Matrix called Brass Off Blonde; this leave-in cream was applied to my damp hair and restored the moisture. I'm really hoping to get this product when it launches next month!

The treatment finished with a blow dry which was lovely as I usually just blast my hair with my hairdryer at home. To finish everything off nicely, Ashleigh then added waves to my hair to add texture and volume.

Here's the finished look!

I am SUPER happy with my hair and couldn't be happier with the result. It's in much better condition now it's been treated and had a cut and I feel much more confident now my roots look more blended and natural. 

I can't thank Ashleigh enough for her hard work that day and I completely recommend her for all your hair needs. I'll definitely be going back there in the future!

Disclaimer: Complimentary treatment was offered in return for an honest review on my blog. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.



  1. Your hair looks great. My hair is bleached so my roots grow back really fast

  2. The treatment certainly looks like it did an amazing job! The final colour and blend look great!

  3. Oh wow your hair looks amazing, what a great job they seem to have done with it!

  4. Your hair looks amazing, they have done such an amazing job!

  5. The finished result looks great!! Isn't it brilliant when you finally get your hair done and feel great again :)

  6. Your hair looks great!!! I haven't had my hair dyed or even cut for over a year!! Think I need to make an appointment soon

  7. Your hair looks fantastic! Always lovely to get your hair done; makes you feel so much better doesn't it?

  8. You look fab! The Brass Off Blonde product sounds interesting

  9. That's a really gorgeous result!!! Love the idea of doing this to mine x

  10. Wow your hair looks incredible, I need to get a new style - you have inspired me.

  11. Wow they did a fantastic job. your hair looks lovely and this style really suits you, you look great!

  12. I loved your silver hair but your hair does look very happy here aha. You look fantastic x

  13. What a lovely Salon and gorgeous colour, i struggled massively maintaining my bleached hair so have gone ombre for a while x

  14. Your new hair looks great! I love the highlights and the cut definitely suits you so much better than the one you had before. And the color is so pretty!

  15. oh wow your hair looks fab, i really need to get mine done soon its out of control! lol

  16. i absolutely love the outcome of your hair! she did an amazing job

  17. Your hair looks amazing :) She had brought so much more life into your hair! - I don't mean that in an offence way!

  18. Oh, wow! Your hair looks absolutely amazing. I switched to a new salon last month as I hadn't been happy with my hair in years, and they did a great job at giving it a new lease of life. I think getting a new 'do can really help you feel good about yourself :)

    Louise x

  19. Ahh you look stunning, what a beautiful colour

  20. WOW what a stunning final result. The colour is amazing, as is the cut. I love the shades of colour throughout your hair and It looks in such great condition!

  21. Ashleigh this looks fab! You look great with a few warmer tones running through.

  22. Oh Ashleigh your new hair looks gorgeous!! I love how she softened it with the root area the colour is beaut!


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