You know when you find out about a product and you wish you had known about it a long time ago? For someone who adores nothing better than a long soak in the bathtub, I was so excited to give the Olverum Bath Oil a go. 

Olverum Bath Oil is a unique and luxurious product, containing 10 pure essential oils that are carefully blended to create a therapeutic oil for your bath.  I have been popping a capsule worth into every bath I've had the last few weeks and I have really enjoyed using it.

Sitting at my desk most days means that I am often left with an aching back; simply from having a bad posture. I have also recently re-joined the gym, so my muscles can often be left feeling a little sore from an intense workout. However, my back and muscles are soon left feeling rejuvenated and less sore after soaking my body in an Olverum bath.

The unisex, aromatic scent makes you feel really relaxed; sinking into your skin during a long soak in the tub. It also completely absorbs so you're not left feeling oily or sticky! It's easily one of the best pamper products that I have tried and if you're someone who loves a good pamper, you will love this too.

Simply inhaling the scent can leave you feeling de-stressed and calm; whilst also helping to cure cold and flu. It really is an amazing, luxurious pamper product that deserves some recognition. I'm already super excited to use it again! 

Available at Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and House of Fraser (online exclusive), the oil is beautifully packaged in a high quality bottle and packaged in a gorgeous box. I'm such a sucker for packaging! A 125ml bottle is priced at £26 (25 baths) and 250ml is £48 (50 baths).

Disclaimer: PR sample. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. This sounds like a lovely product. I like the fact that it is a unisex fragrance too.

  2. Does this moisturise your skin? I'm trying a few oils at the moment and anything that moisturies me whilst I sit in the bath is a winner for me, saves me having to do it after (and I never do!)
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Anonymous27/3/17

      OH this is definitely the most moisturizing bath oil I have ever tried!

  3. This sounds just lovely and it would definitely be a fight in this house as to who would get to use it x

  4. A good bath oil is always lovely! I have yet to find a bath long enough for me instead though haha

  5. I do love a good bath! I've just joined a gym too and my back is constantly in pain! xx


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