A few weeks ago, I headed over to my local COSMO restaurant for a fine banquet of authentic world foods. This time, I took my sister along who was very excited at reviewing her first restaurant!

Despite living 15 minutes from the nearest COSMO, I had never been. I have always known COSMO to have queues of people flooding out of the doors waiting for a free table to be available. However, I had never really looked too much into it and never thought to check it out.

COSMO is the place to go if you're a real foodie like myself. They offer a whole kitchen of different foods from around the world. It's a self-service all-you-can-eat buffet, which is very different to the traditional way that most restaurants work. However, having foods from all around the world meant that we was given the opportunity to try as much food as we wanted!

Prices range depending if you're going for lunch or dinner, but a dinner price for 1 adult is only £15.99. This includes as much food as you want, but also desserts! Drinks are paid for separately which I think is absolutely fine. They have a whole range of soft drinks, beers and spirits. However, of course we definitely raided the cocktail menu. I mean, what two girls wouldn't?!

The service was really good and we was made to feel very welcome by the manager. We was told we could help ourselves at any time, so of course we went straight up to have a look around!

I was very surprised at how many people were seated in the restaurant on a Thursday evening. It was full of a mixture of couples and families, which makes complete sense if you have a large family to feed or a very hungry boyfriend!

They have individual chefs on separate kitchens in one big space, so you are really encouraged to try as much food as possible and from different cuisines. From a traditional English roast, to rustic Italian pizzas, authentic sushi from Japan, creamy Indian curries and crispy Chinese chow mein.

You serve the food yourself but the chefs make sure everything is topped up and piping hot for everyone to enjoy as best as possible.

We both had a mixture of Chinese and Japanese food and even went up for seconds. Yum! We then went and chose our desserts and was left very spoilt for choice. However, the great thing about COSMO is that it's eat as much as you like. Instead of ordering one dessert each, we could have a plate of different mini desserts!

We had pistachio cake, carrot cake, brownies and ice-cream to name a few. They were definitely well received!

All in all, I think the set price for an all-you-can-eat menu is a bloody brilliant concept and it now makes complete sense why the queue is always out of the door! It goes without saying that booking a table beforehand is the best idea, so you're not waiting around for a table.

I fully recommend you visit here at least once if there's one nearby. The food is fantastic and who doesn't like an unlimited menu?!

Disclaimer: Complimentary meal in return for an honest review on my blog.


  1. I'm obsessed with Cosmo! We have one within walking distance from me in Oxford and it's so fab! I usually go for lunch which is £8.50 per person, incredible value! I also love that you can have a huge selection of desserts instead of just ordering one, and my hungry boyfriend was just as appreciative of the all-you-can eat as you can imagine!! Thanks for sharing 😘

    Abbey ✨

  2. £15.99 for all you can eat is an absolute bargain if you ask me! Definitely going to have to try this out!

  3. Wow the food looks amazing and a lovely foodie review , I'd if I'm ever in the area of a Cosmo I'll definitely try and check it out out. Now I'm hungry too ❤


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