BREAKING NEWS! It's Mother's Day tomorrow and it's the one day that all mum's should feel their best. Whether that's being pampered from head to toe, fed really good food or bought a brand new outfit to wear; she deserves it all. 

My mum's personal fashion sense is much like my own. In fact, I often find her eyeing up things I've recently bought and most of the stuff I give away gets recycled into her own wardrobe. It's also great because it means I can do the exact same and have a nosey through her wardrobe. Whether you're a man or woman reading, I'm sure we all have those days where we haven't got a stitch to wear and get all flustered. Therefore, it's wonderful having a mum with a similar style to myself!

Bon Marche have really improved their game over the last year or so. A high street shop that I completely dodged when out shopping, because I always judged it to be for people like my Nan. However, they have really thought about their consumers and have quickly become a fashion-forward brand for the more mature woman. Saying that though, after having a little nosey on the website; there's so many items that are new in, that I'd wear myself!

I've selected a few of my favourite items that are all currently available on the website. My mum happens to LOVE all these items too. I'm honestly going to consider Bon Marche in the future when buying presents for the older females in my life!

From large and vibrant floral prints on spring/summer dresses, to going full out and having cold shoulder tops available. There's even floral embroidered jeans which I would totally wear myself! I am also in absolute love with the polka dot culottes and may need to pop in-store to hunt them down.... for myself. Whoops!

Don't forget to check out my Mother's Day Gift Guide, if you're looking for a last minute gift for your 'ma!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Bon Marche. All words/opinions are my own. 


  1. How funny - I also thought of Bon Marche as a granny shop, but their bits are actually lovely!
    I love the embroidered jeans, culottes and tassel bag :)

    Dani x

  2. I've always thought of Bon Marche as a Nana shop too but some of this stuff is lovely. I could definitely see myself in the poppy dress.

  3. Aw such a nice piccy and such a great post. Thanks for sharing :) x

  4. Anonymous26/3/17

    I always used to think Bon Marche was a shop me nan would shop in but it actually changed my perception last year when it was the only place I could find a bikini in that I liked and I really took the time to have a nose at a few things. I love that you and your mum have the same style, me and mine are worlds apart x

  5. Beautiful clothes and I love the white with red rose dress. Very lovely picture. xx

  6. So many great looks for mom! I love the dress so much! Thanks for all the ideas!

  7. These are really perfect for Mother's Day. All of the pieces are so cute and very lovely!

  8. i absolutely love the poka off the shoulder blouse top

  9. I'd have never thought about going to Bon Marche either, the embroidered jeans are lovely x

  10. My mum loves shopping at Bon Marche. I love the embroidered jeans..

  11. That's a cute selection of clothes! Love the embroidered jeans & polka dot everything :) Also, how cute are you two!! That's amazing to have similar style with your momma. Even though mine is completely different, I, of course, think the absolute world of my mum <3 Because at the end of the day, it is so so so good to have them in our lives :)
    xox Nadia


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