My mum is the most special lady (other than Elsie) in my life. I like nothing better than to spoil my mum every Mother's Day. I'm sure the majority of you will feel the same about your own mum. I know some people don't have a mum for a number of different reasons, so if you are one of these people, then you are in my thoughts this Mother's Day.

Here's a little gift guide if you're stuck on ideas for what to treat your mum to. After all, she did carry you for 9 months, so it's important to make sure the gift is special and something your mum will love. 

Argos have an exclusive perfect gift for a mum who likes to look good and keep active and fit. Whether she likes long walks with the dog or enjoys an evening run to clear her mind; she will love this kit from Terraillon. It includes an Activit Band, so she can easily keep track of things like steps, distance and calories burned. It also monitors your sleep, has a handy clock and a vibrating alarm. Included in the set are the Terraillon Weight Scales, so Mum can monitor her body if she's trying to lose or put on weight.

Walker's Shortbread Biscuits - £5.00
Satisfy your mum's sweet tooth with this delightful tin of mini shortbread biscuits. If she's a tea dunker, biscuits are the best gift idea for Mum this year. Walker's shortbread melts in the mouth and are rather more-ish!

Belkin Mixit DuraTek™ Lightening to USB Cable - £24.99
If Mum's an avid iPhone user, she will love a spruced up lightening USB cable from Belkin. This durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye charging cable, comes in 4 different colours. This is the rose gold one, which looks great with white or rose gold iPhones!

Kopparberg Sparkling Rosé Cider - £6.50
These brand NEW releases from Kopparberg are set to be popular amongst women of all ages. Enjoyed at its best in champagne flutes with fresh fruit to accompany, choose from Strawberry or Raspberry.

With an ABV of 7%, these are great for those summer evenings that are ahead of us. Available at a promotional price of £5.00 in ASDA stores, but are usually priced at £6.50. Kopparberg know how to do it right!

Mylee Pro Elite 4+1 Starter Kit - £54.99
Treat your mum to a super easy gel nail in the comfort of her own home. This fantastic starter kit comes with a 12 watt bulb LED lamp and a selection of gel nail colours from Bluesky. Achieve the gel nail look using the included gel Top Coat and Base Coats. Her nails will last THREE times as longer than using a normal nail polish!

Superdrug Paradise Tropical Fruits Bath Salts - NOW £2.66
This 3 pack of bath salts are from Superdrug's own pamper beauty line. The salts are presented in test tubes in the following scents; Berry Burst, Pineapple Punch and Tropical Mango. If Mum is partial to a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day's work; she will love these fruity smelling bath salts. Reduced from £3.99.

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker - £29.99
If your Mum is anything like mine, she is forever misplacing important things like her keys and phone. However, she doesn't have to fear any more thanks to the Tile Slim. It's the world's thinnest bluetooth tracker. Simply stick it to something you want to keep track of and use the free app which you download, to track where your belongings are!

If it's your phone you're looking to find, simply press down on your tile and it will signal your phone to ring; even if it's on silent! Available directly from Tile, Amazon and Maplin. There is also the Tile Mate version (£23.00), which is a keyring to help locate your keys!

Cocofina Coconut Gift Pack - £19.99
If Mum's all about caring for her skin, hair and health; she will love this 3-pack of coconut based products from Cocofina.

Cocofina Coconut Oil
A cold pressed and virgin coconut oil, sourced from the UK Soil Association. With a light texture, sweet aroma and nutty taste; this one is a great alternative when Mum's cooking.

Cocofina Coconut Nectar 
This one is produced from separating the sap from the coconut blossom. A perfect substitute for sugar in tea and coffee, baking and cooking.

Cocofina Coconut Butter
Produced from grinding the white of the coconut, the butter is 100% coconut and has antibacterial properties. Perfect for moisturising your hair and skin!

Dorca Eve 6 Razor - £4.55
I've featured these razors on my blog before and I'm featuring again because they're just that good. If Mum hates shaving, then these are the razors she needs in her life. Cuts and scrapes to her legs are no more thanks to the ever so gentle blades that the Dorca Eve 6 has. There is even a handy subscription service which delivers them straight to your door!

Button & Wilde Body Wash & Body Lotion Gift Set - £24.98
Treat Her to a luxurious and divine Body Wash and Body Lotion duo from Button & Wilde. There are many different scents to choose from, but these are the Citrus Rose scent. You can even personalise the bottles with a message or her name. The branding and packaging is so sweet, you won't even need  to worry about gift wrapping.

Hoochie Mama Candle - £22
These brand new MAMA candles are set to please any Mum this Mother's Day. They come in 10 different scents and are at an affordable price of £22. They're made from 100% plant wax, using a handmade glass jar and give Her 40-50 hours burning time.

Una Brennan's Superfacialist Neroli Super Lift Day Cream - £16.99
Available from Boots, this Day Cream by Una Brennan has SPF15 and has a unique formulation of Shea Butter for moisturising, UV filters for protection and Hyaluronic Acid for firming properties.  Currently £8.49 at Boots.

Lacura Caviar Illumination Roll-On - £2.99
NEW to Aldi's skincare range, this roll-on stick contains liposome concentrate and Hyaluronic Acid to keep those under eye wrinkles at bay. Simply apply this in the mornings and evenings to refresh and rejuvenate her under eye area. Available in-stores NOW!

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Bottle - £25.95 - £29.95
With a leek-proof camp, this Klean Kanteen bottle keeps drinks hot and cold, contained and spill free whilst you're out and about. If your Mum is a big fan of the outdoors or enjoys long walks with the dog, you may want to get her one of these. Available in a range of different colours and sizes.

Tropic Skincare Best Hands Gift Set - was £28.00, NOW £22.00
If your Mum loves to keep her hands silky soft, she will appreciate this little handy gift set. Pardon the pun, but I couldn't resist. The In The Best Hands Collection from Tropic is a limited edition gift set. It comes with the Hand Smooth Revitalising Polish. This deeply nourishes the skin and restores hands to be as smooth and soft as they should be.

The Soft Touch Intensive Hand Mask is an intense and rich moisturising cream,which should be applied in the evenings before bed. Simply let Mum know to pop on her Bamboo Gloves, which should be slept in the help lock in the moisture. She will wake up with hands softer than she could ever believe was possible.

Hair Dryer & Straightener Stand - £15.00
A Place For Everything is a website that literally is a place for everything. They specialise in different storage systems for every possible need you could have. This mega-handy stand pops onto a door, mirror or a side unit and allows her to safely store her hair straighteners and hair dryer away. This is a great device to allow heated tools to cool down; making it a #1 gift idea for Mum this Mother's Day.

Esthechoc Food Supplement - £42.50 for 21-day supply
Dark chocolate is long believed to contain antioxidant properties and this is exactly what this product is. If Mum's on a health kick this year or is maybe just trying to cut down her sugar intake; the Esthechoc 21-day programme could be perfect for her. This is an anti-ageing supplement programme, which is said to protect her from ageing and promotes luminous skin. Simply have one chocolate per day (38 calories per chocolate), for 21 days and reap the awards.

There it is! My mighty Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2017. I hope this has given you some inspiration for gift ideas before Sunday!

Disclaimer: PR samples but all words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. These are ALL fantastic gifts - I know I would love them being the mother of two crazy boys but equally could also give most of them to my mother as they are all so lovely

    Laura x

  2. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a shortbread fiend so would love to have some Walkers shortbread for Mothers Day.

  3. Great gift guide! I am loving those chocolates to help with ageing!!!! And yes to the shortbread - I am addicted x

  4. So many wonderful ideas! Loving the look of the new Kopparberg! xx

  5. Haha can i go buy them all for myself now? What a fabulous post and you have featured items for so many different ages and people.x

  6. Wow so many options, I'd love some of these myself actually. Great ideas thanks x

  7. So many great ideas and I know my mum would especially like the shortbread haha. X


  8. Wow I didn't know that there was a koppaberg sparkling rose cider in Strawberry flavour, must look out for that and get one so my girl can give it to me for Mother's Day!

  9. I always had trouble buying for my mom, i would always get her a gift card in the end because she would never be happy with what i bought her x

  10. This is such an amazing gift guide, best one I've seen yet and it has definitely given me a very good idea on what to get my mum xx

  11. Wow there are some really unique gifts here. I've actually been looking for a hairdryer stand for myself...hee hee!


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