Happy Chinese New Year! Did you know this year is the year of the Rooster?! Chinese New Year is celebrated from 28th January onwards, but most traditional celebrations last for ten whole days!

I'm rather partial to a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night; with a glass of wine and rubbish TV. However, sometimes it's nice to cook a dish from scratch and watch it start off as nothing and become something beautiful.

Wing Yip sent me over a huge box of Chinese goodies, so that I could whip up a Chinese surprise in the kitchen for my family. I was so excited to see it would be a noodle dish!

They sent over a huge steel wok, which my Dad was very excited about! You do have to burn it slightly before you can use it, but this is pretty easy to do. I heated it for about a minute and then flicked droplets of water into the wok. If the droplets evaporate within a second, then the wok is hot enough to add oil.

I decided I wanted to cook this dish with minimum ingredients possible. I chopped up some green and red peppers; cutting them into a mix of strips and cubes. I also chopped up some baby corns, as I found them reduced in the supermarket for just 70p!

I added these to the wok in a little oil, until they were soft enough for a sauce to be added. I used two sauces from Wing Yip, as one jar wasn't enough to cover the vegetables and noodles. I used a Black Bean sauce for the vegetables and then filled the jar with water as instructed, to add some moisture to the wok. 

The noodles sent over to me were more than enough for 4 people. They simply needed boiling in hot water for 2 minutes and were then ready to add to the wok with the vegetables. I then added the Gineger & Spring Onion sauce to the noodles and mixed everything up.

Within ten minutes, the noodles were ready to dish up and serve. To begin with, we wasn't sure whether we would need side accompaniments, but the noodles were actually really filling! It was great for us that this could be cooked and served within twenty minutes. Great for on the go families!

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  1. Anonymous1/2/17

    This looks so good!

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  2. Oh, I didn't know about adding droplets of water to the wok to test if it's hot enough! The noddles with Ginger & Spring Onion sauce sounds lush! Gosh, I could just eat those Chinese noodles now, yum! xx

  3. That looks so good. I've never attempted to make Chinese for myself even though there's certain take outs I love x

  4. This dish looks so good, I have been attempting to make Chinese at home without a wok as I haven't had one for a few years since my last one got lost in a move. It just doesn't work well without a wok, so I really need to break down and buy a new one.

  5. I've never heard of that brand before? Do you think it's a lot healthier than a takeaway?

  6. This looks amazing, I absolutely love chinese food and enjoy making stir fry! x

  7. OMG am Salivating esp, as I had a light meal day so my tum is ready for a big one :)

  8. This looks sooo tasty. I've not had a simple stir fry in... gosh, a long time. I'm pretty much drooling over here.

  9. This looks really nice. I love black bean sauce with veggies and noodles

  10. I think I'm going to have to buy from Wing Yip! Perfect there's a store in Birmingham and they deliver too! Such good prize and your meal looks delicious. Definitely need a new wok in my life :)

    Jess // Jess With Mind xo

  11. omg how yummy this look like! I would love try this! I recently love Chineese food as is healtfier and faster to make than many!

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