Elsie and I just got home from a rather muddy two hour walk together and she is now absolutely knackered and snoring on the sofa. 

The guys at Mountain Paws got in touch to ask whether Elsie would be interested in reviewing some of their products and we couldn't help but say yes. Being a large breed dog, Elsie goes through food and toys like nobody's business, so I do find myself having to replace things like ropes and chew toys every few months. 

Mountain Paws stock everything for dogs that are the outdoorsy type, who need strong and durable things like collars, leads and toys. We was sent over the Dog Fetch Toy, which is a tough and durable toy with a handle for you to hold. Once launched, it goes really far and makes the game 'fetch' a load more fun.

Retailing at £9.99, it's made from a very thick and durable material and stuffed inside with recycled materials. I was worried we would be returning home with a chewed up toy. However, it survived between a Labrador's teeth for a couple of hours, so it's a winner for me!

We gave it a go this morning and she loves it! It did get quite muddy very quickly, but it wasn't a problem as I could hold the handle when walking along. Elsie absolutely loves her new toy and spent a good two hours running after the toy to bring it back to me. Such a clever egg! 

Thank you very much Mountain Paws for creating a fun and durable toy that even the strongest of dogs can't bite their way through!

Disclaimer: PR sample. 


  1. This sounds like a great dog toy- Jessie our pup loves playing fetch!


  2. Looks like someone is really impressed with their new toy, so cute x

  3. It looks like Elsie really enjoys her new toy! Always good to hear about durable per toys - some of the ones I've bought for my cats have been so flimsy and it's v frustrating when they fall apart!

  4. This dog fetch toy sounds great. My folks have a feisty cockapoo who loves his toys so this would be perfect x

  5. I'm always on the look out for new toys for my Labrador cross so I'd be interested to know how long it lasts! ;)

  6. Anonymous29/1/17

    Awww what a cute pup, and that toy sounds like fun for the fur baby :)

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  7. This looks like a great toy. She will have lots of fun with it x

  8. Aaw, looks like she really enjoyed it and if it's sturdy enough, should last well too.

  9. my friend has a beagle this looks like a lovely brand I will keep it in mind next time I buy him a toy! k x

  10. I would love to keep a dog as a pet, but I'm never here enough so it wouldn't be fair. 'Maybe one day!

  11. That's a brilliant idea, dogs will love the challenge of something that is more durable and hard wearing.

  12. These look great! I have a Staffie cross Corgi, which isn't the biggest of dogs, but she rips through toys so easily so this would have been perfect for her. We tend to steer away from toys a bit now, though, since her bad back means if she over does it playing fetch or tug and she could end up making it worse D:


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