Tweezers. We all need them to maintain our brows but did you know there are many other uses for tweezers? There are so many different things you can use tweezers for and many different types of tweezers you can get with different purposes.

Tweezers aren't something I have ever really thought about in-depth before. I have cheap ones and I have slightly more up-market ones. I have slanted ones and I have pointy ones. Yet even having a little collection of the metal tools; I still didn't know much about them.

Moo have put together an interesting and fun little infographic which is all about the history of tweezers and what the different types can be used for. They have also tested 80+ tweezers so they definitely know their stuff! I'll definitely be paying more attention when shopping for a new pair of tweezers in the future!

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Disclaimer: Infographic placement. All words and opinions are my own. Image provided.


  1. Random fact: I once used a pair of tweezers to unlock my broken front door when I was locked in one time after it broke - they are a wonder product!

    Mel ★

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